Preheat The Bed: Electric Blanket Vs. Hot Water Bottle

How do you cut the chill on these cold, cold evenings? According to a Daily Mail article, hot water bottles and electric blankets are regaining a popular place in beds around the world.

I mentioned to a friend that on really cold evenings, we use a hot water bottle to preheat the bed. She replied that she couldn’t get through the winter without her electric blanket. We went back and forth about the merits of each, and both left unconvinced of the other’s claim. I feel hot water bottles are the greenest solution and they get the job done. She claimed that when she used an electric blanket to just preheat the bed, not only did it do a superior job, the electricity used was nominal.

Let’s get out the boxing gloves and have a round at just what would be the warmest and most sustainable solution to defrost toes in bed. Here are my (biased) pros and cons of using hot water bottles vs. electric blankets to warm up a bed:

Electric Blankets: They warm up the whole bed, not just a localized spot.
Hot Water Bottles: A cheap and green warming solution.

Electric Blankets: There is the possibility that an electric blanket could cause burns and they use electricity.
Hot Water Bottles: Their warmth is localized.

Watch this video to see if your electric blanket is safe.

5 DIY Hot Water Bottle Covers

1. Quilted cover
2. Crocheted cover
3. Knitted cover
4. Felt cover
5. Cover made from an old sweater

What’s your method of warmth? Do you snuggle up with a hot water bottle, or do you cut the chill with an electric blanket? Sweet (warm) dreams!


W. C
W. C4 months ago


William C
William C4 months ago

Thank you.

Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Flannel sheets work for me. They NOT as cold as cotton ones.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T5 years ago

In the winter we use a heated mattress pad. Turn it on about an hour before going to bed, then turn it off.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Marcia Machado
Marcia Machado6 years ago

Sometimes i use a water bottle.
I don't like Electic blankets.
I think they are dangerous.

Athena C.
Athena C6 years ago

HMMM// How about having your pet sleep on your bed before you get into it?

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Thanks for the info.