Kitty’s Birthday Party–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption the birthday girl, from Care2 member Cheryl F!

First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption:

  • “I have 9 lives so I am expecting 8 more parties.” – Syd H.

    And here are four more of our favorite captions: 

  • “I am Siamese if you please…I will see if roses make me sneeze…ah choo.” — Patrizcia P.
  • “So, 21, does that mean my catnip can be decriminalised?” — Alan L.
  • “The secret to a long life: Always take time to bat the roses.” – greenplanet e.
  • “Hey you. Get out of my shot. I’m the pretty one here.” – Alexia J.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a caption, and we hope you tune in for moreCare2 Caption Contests, for the chance to win recognition and Butterfly Rewards!

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos!

Note from the editors: Care2 member Cheryl F. clarified this is a photo of her daughter’s 21st birthday, not this cute kitty’s. We still picked the winners based on the original birthday story–and there were many clever captions as always! Thank you for participating!


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Melissa DogLover
Melissa DogLover2 years ago

very cute.... TY

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Jayasri Amma
Jayasri Amma3 years ago

Thank you!

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Another "Awe" moment brought to you by Healthy Living Editors and Care2.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago


Syd H.
Syd H4 years ago

Thank Cathleen. :)
They do change the name to reflect that winners were chosen. For instance, "
Kitty’s Birthday Party–Caption Contest Winners!" as above.

Yes Jo J... I think we might have to petition C2 to continue the caption contests. But maybe they just do not have enough photos? So if anyone has one that could qualify, then send it in as detailed above to:

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!

Oh wait, they did not tag the new one so it would appear under the "Caption Contest" tags. :(

But there was a week off too...

Cathleen K.
Cathleen K4 years ago

Congrats, Syd. I've never noticed a winner to one of these contests before, and now I know why. Care2 doesn't bother to change the heading, so I've never clicked on the link I thought I'd already seen.

Kay M.
Kay M4 years ago

keep the photos coming - this is fun.

Jo Jo
Jo Jo4 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that they have not inserted a new photo to caption? I wonder if they are not going to have the caption photo contest any more.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage s4 years ago