Protect Pets on Halloween

The following is a list of precautions suggested and recommended by numerous animal shelters and veterinarians designed to keep pets safe on Halloween.

Trick or treaters can cause loud and excessive noise and frighten your pet, so try to keep your pets inside in a quiet room where they are insulated from the Halloween rukus. : )

Pets, especially dogs, that are easily excitable or threatened by strangers should be kept from the front door so they cannot bite anyone or run into the street. With many people visiting the home in strange attire, even normally calm pets might overreact.

Keep pets on a shorter-than-normal leash if you plan on walking outside on Halloween. Again, scary and weird looking trick-or-treaters could provoke aggression in even the nicest pet.

Candy, especially chocolate, is toxic for animals and can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart disturbances, and even death. Ask kids not to share candy with pets.

Be careful with lit pumpkins and candles because pets can knock them over and start a fire. Therefore ensure that all burning objects are out of pet’s reach. Remember that cats can jump high, and birds can fly, so try to confine a pet if it demonstrates an “unhealthy” interest in flames (e.g. it puts its paws in lit pumpkins or tries to play with candles).

Avoid costumes held in place by rubber bands, which can be uncomfortable and, more important, rubber bands mistakenly left on a pet can quickly burrow into the animal’s skin and cause injury. Additionally, rubber bands in the wrong place can choke a bird.

If a pet wears a costume, make sure it is not constricting, causing your pet to trip, or blocking its vision. Do not force a pet to wear a costume if it demonstrates discomfort. All of the above can cause undue stress and possibly cause aggression in even the nicest dog, goldfish, or iguana.

Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. Many animals disappear as pranksters and those with darker intentions tease, abduct, torture, or even kill pets.

Be especially watchful of black cats, who which are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween. Try to keep black cats inside for the week of Halloween. Many animal shelters make black cats unavailable for adoption the week before Halloween because of black cat abuse.

By Hilary Stamper, Environmental Activism Manager,


Oana Vasiloiu
yonette VO5 years ago

Many thanks for article! Hope that everything will pass without any incident for animals and also people.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

My post got chopped off....anyway what I do use is candles that require a battery one of those AAA batteries which have a lovely warm glow. Bella my black kitten,isnt really trustworthy yet around anything like that Shes safe.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

Mine will be totally safe..I dont use candles at all at my house and if they are given to me......boohoooo I give them away....a bit too dangerous to have around BUT.,

Linda K.
Linda K5 years ago

Having had Black kittens adoptable in October, I know my local ASPCA/MSPCA's would not take in any black cats during the month of October because of their fear of people adopting them for cruel intentions. This thought stuck with me and I did not try to adopt out my kittens to strangers. October flew by and the Christmas season was upon us. Trying to adopt out the kittens, whom we had grown to love, was not an easy task. Thus, almost 4 years have gone by and we still have our "kittens". One passed away, due to heart problems, and the other two are still with us, as are their Mom, Uncle, and Grandmother. Black cats can be such loves. They are talkative, smart, trainable, and very sweet.

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

Very true article.

Mrs M.
Linda M5 years ago

Don't adopt to nuts during Halloween - black cats, orange cats, etc. Too many sickos out there!

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

interesting article

Debra Griffin
Missy G5 years ago

I protect my animals daily

Laurie D.
Laurie D5 years ago

Have I lost track of time or is it JUNE right now? A more timely warning might be more effective!

Aimee A.
Aimee A5 years ago

Thanks for posting!