Questing Inward

Questions can be dangerous. They can take us right to the edge of what is known and comfortable. They can require tremendous courage to ask, because we know that new questions can lead to new ways of perceiving, and new perceptions can lead to new explorations and actions.

Pick any “dangerous” questions you have been avoiding asking yourself and you’ll see what I mean. A question such as, “How do I make my work too small for me?” or “Is my spirit dying in my relationship?” or poet Mary Oliver’s magnificently disturbing, “What is it that you want to do with the one, wild, precious thing called your life?” The asking of such questions often leads to the perilous, growing edge of our minds.

All new thoughts begins with a dangerous question that pries our hearts and minds open and rescues us from the numbness of fear and cynicism. It can return us to a second innocence where we can listen to the truth about what we really feel and wake up.

May you find the courage you need to ask yourself the questions that will free your mind and strengthen your soul.

Adapted from Wide Open, by Dawna Markova (Conari Press, 2008).


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Getting to know oneself is important

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In the wisdom of our years we seek harmony with our inner self and achieve serenity.

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worthy challenge