12 Quick Vegan Recipes for Dinner

Eating vegan certainly can mean cooking elaborate meals, but it doesn’t have to. Try these quick vegan recipes to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Tips for Faster Meal Prep

The quick vegan recipes below are all great options for getting dinner served in a hurry, but there are also general strategies that I use to save time in the kitchen.


I know, multitasking isn’t always great, but it can be your best friend in the kitchen. Most meals have at least some passive cooking time, and my Nani Dorothy taught me to make the most of those moments.

Waiting for the pasta water to boil? Now’s the perfect time to prep the veggies for your sauce! While one thing simmers, do even more prep work or start loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher. It’s such a nice feeling to sit down to a meal knowing that the dishes are already (mostly) done!

Cook in Bulk

Are you making rice for burrito bowls tonight? Make double, and stash the leftovers away in the fridge to use for sushi bowls or fried rice later on in the week. You can do the same with pasta and with other whole grains.

Grains and pasta don’t freeze particularly well, but if you’re roasting veggies or cooking beans from scratch, this is another great chance to make extra for later. Portion the extra food out into freezer-safe containers, and you’ll have them ready to roll next time you’re cooking.

Make Your Family Help

Even if your partner or kids aren’t great at cooking, they can certainly pitch in. You don’t have to be a seasoned cook to keep an eye on a pot of pasta and stir it occasionally or to tackle some dishes, so you’ll be free to move onto the next step in a recipe.

Over time, your family might just pick up some new cooking skills from being with you in the kitchen, and this can be a fun time to bond while you’re at it.

Vegan Sushi Bowls with Adzuki Beans

Quick Vegan Recipes for Dinner

These quick vegan recipes come together in half an hour or less.

1. Sushi Bowl

Did you know that “sushi” actually refers to the rice, not the actual method you use to roll it up? A sushi bowl starts with a base of sushi rice (use white rice to keep your prep time under 30 minutes), then piles on your favorite vegan sushi fillings.

To make this meal in under half an hour, get the rice going first, then prep your toppings while the rice is cooking. You can dish up the bowls yourself or serve the toppings in separate dishes, so your family can build their own bowls.

2. Burrito Bowl

Bowl meals are my go-to for quick and easy dinners, so there are quite a few on this list. Just like a sushi bowl, start cooking that white rice first, then prep everything else while the rice cooks. For a burrito bowl, you can use other quick-cooking whole grains, like quinoa, too.

You’ll also want to use pre-made beans for your quick burrito bowls, since cooking beans from scratch takes a lot longer than 30 minutes. If canned beans aren’t your thing, I recommend cooking a big batch of beans over the weekend and freezing them in 1 3/4 cup portions, so you can defrost as needed.

3. Farfalle Pasta in Creamy Garlic Sauce

The trick to this quick vegan pasta recipe is that you don’t have to cook the sauce at all! Get the farfalle on the stove, then make your quick and easy blender sauce, so you’re ready to assemble a rich, creamy dinner bowl when the pasta finishes.

4. Pressure Cooker Potato Soup

I could build a whole separate list of amazing, quick vegan meals to make just in the Instant Pot, but since not everyone has a pressure cooker, I wanted to limit the number of recipes on this list that use one. This rich, hearty potato soup is filling enough to stand on its own. If you’re extra hungry, drizzle some crusty, sliced bread with olive oil, shake on some garlic powder, and toast to make quickie garlic bread to go with.

5. Warm Tempeh Dinner Salad

Contrary to popular opinion, vegans don’t always eat salads. But when we do, they’re fully-loaded salads topped with lots of satisfying, hearty ingredients. This warm tempeh salad will fill your belly with sauteed tempeh and leeks, fresh carrots and avocado, a bed of greens, and creamy tahini dressing.

6. Coconut Black Bean Soup

Rich, creamy coconut broth loaded with beans and veggies is a one-bowl meal that only takes about 25 minutes to make. This recipe calls for canned beans, but you can bust into that freezer stash of beans, if you don’t do cans.

7. Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are a lot like sushi bowls, but you don’t use sushi rice as the base. Like with sushi bowls, you’ll want to start your white rice or quinoa cooking first, then prepare your other toppings while the grains cook. Top that bowl off with one of these blender sauces, and you’ve got a quick vegan meal that’s filling and delicious.

8. Sheet Pan Butternut Squash Tacos

Most roasted veggie recipes aren’t going to clock in under 30 minutes, but these sheet pan tacos slide in just under the wire. The trick is to cut the veggies up small, so they roast in less time.

These tacos are seriously satisfying. I’ve also eaten the filling over rice, when we were out of tortillas, and it’s delicious prepared that way, too!

9. Artichoke Pesto Pasta

This is another quick vegan dinner recipe with a no-cook sauce. Get that pasta on the stove, then fire up your blender to make a veggie-packed, delicious artichoke pesto to toss with it. Top with roasted chickpeas, and you’re in business.

To save time on this recipe, either roast your chickpeas over the weekend or spring for a bag of roasted chickpeas at the store.

10. Pad Thai

Most restaurant pad thai contains fish sauce, but you can make your own, totally vegan pad thai at home in less than half an hour! Prep your veggies while the water for the noodles boils, then cook them up while the pasta is in the pot, and you’ll be sitting down to a plate of pad thai in no time flat.

11. Guacamole Salad

One vegan stereotype that is true is that we. love. GUAC. Guacamole, cooked beans, corn and tortilla chips team up to turn a humble salad into a filling meal. The guac for this salad is definitely not extra.

12. Spring Soba Stir Fry

Soba noodles cook up in just five to six minutes, which makes them the perfect contender for a quick vegan recipe like this stir fry. The stir fry also features quick-cooking ingredients, like mushrooms, asparagus and sugar snap peas.

What are your go-to quick vegan recipes for supper? I’d love to hear what’s cooking at your house in the comments!

12 Quick Vegan Recipes for Dinner


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