Your Home’s Fire Element Quiz: Is it in Balance?

The heat and light aspect of the fire element is of central focus and importance in all homes during the winter months with the long dark days, and cold weather. And if there is one stark way to recognize how unnatural our lifestyles are now compared to our ancestors, it is to discover how absent the natural fire elements of sun, wood heat, and daylight, are as sources of heat and light.

How in balance with nature is the fire element in your home?

Heat and Light Fire Element Quiz
Section One
As you go, mark all your yes answers with a zero (0) sign, and your no answers as a star [*] sign.

1. Do you heat with petroleum, such as oil, gas, or kerosene?

2. Do you frequently cook on an outside gas grill?

3. Is your kitchen stove gas or electric?

4. Is your electricity powered by a nuclear, coal-fired, or hydro-electric power plant?

5. Do you use candles made out of paraffin (i.e. they are not made of
beeswax or vegetable wax)?

6. During the day, do most if not all rooms in your home require a light bulb to be turned on in order to do normal routines there?

7. Do you have UV-Blocking Glasses and Windows?

8. Are you downwind from toxic smoke stacks?

9. Do you smoke cigarettes?

10. Do you burn your trash in your yard or fireplace?

Total 0 (zeros)_________ Total * (stars)_______

Section Two
The answers in this section are notated differently.

As you go, mark all your yes answers with a star (*) sign, and your no answers as a zeros (0) sign.

1. Do you heat 100 percent with wood?

2. Do you frequently have wood fires in the fireplace?

3. Do you cook outside on wood coals, and not gas?

4. Do you burn only 100 percent beeswax or vegetable wax candles?

5. Do you get at least 1 hour of daylight outdoors every day?

6. Is all of your electricity powered by solar, wind, or water?

7. Is your electricity partially powered by solar, water, or wind?

8 Do you use full-spectrum light bulbs anywhere in your home?

9. Is your home designed with passive solar abilities?

10. Have you planted trees and shrubs in a strategic way to both provide the house with sunlight and heat in the winter, and block it in the summer?

Total *s__________ Total 0s______________

Total Section One and Two
Total *s_____________ Total 0s_______________

If your total ends up with more stars (*) than zeros (0), you are very unusual and lead a more natural lifestyle than most by far! Congratulations. If you ended up with more zeros (0) than stars (*) then you are, like most of us, not leading a very natural lifestyle regarding the fire element. Bit by bit, chip away at each one of these questions to get the natural solution into your life.

By Annie B. Bond


Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

I am always lighting candles but extremely careful when doing so and never leave my place with out extinguishing them!