What is Your Fragrance Profile? Quiz

Find out which families of fragrance best suit your personality. You will probably find several scent families that appeal to you, and this quiz should help to aim you in the right direction and give you some suggestions while you are considering crafting your own favorite medley.

Note: Many of us are sensitive to synthetic perfumes and colognes. We aren’t advocating using synthetics, but only natural essential oil-based scents, if you choose to wear fragrances at all.

Have some fun imagining and imaging with this quiz:

COLORS (Which appeals to you most?)

A nature colors
B pastels
C naturals and deep tones
D southwest colors
E the colors of sunsets and moonlight
F rich tones and creamy ivory
G black, white, and red
H rainbow hues and deep green
I jewel tones

AROMAS (Which appeals to you most?)
A fresh air, seaspray, citrus fruits
B old English roses, walking through a flower shop, scented candles
C cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, lichens, and moss
D a walk through the woods, linens drying in the breeze
E E apple pie, birthday cake, fresh peaches, violets
F incense, gardenias, and night-blooming jasmine
G blackberries, fragrant wood burning, lilies, narcissus
H freshly mown grass, juicy oranges, hyacinths, ocean air
I raspberries, tuberose, old books, leather

ACTIVITIES (Which appeals to you most?)
A outdoor and water sports, horseback riding, hiking
B writing poems, gardening, making gifts for family and friends
C scuba diving, innovative cooking, chess
D working out at the gym, parties, competitive sports
E collecting beautiful things, Victoriana, tea parties in the rose garden, carousel rides
F shopping, decorating, gourmet dining, island hopping
G seminars, art galleries, French cuisine
H entertaining, friendships, volunteer work, potluck suppers, letter writing
I museums, European vacations, polo, old houses, concerts

MUSIC (Which appeals to you most?)
A mood music, nature tapes
B Vivaldi, songs with a message, Rachmaninoff
C good old rock and roll
D jazz and the newest dance music
E show tunes, love songs
F classical and John Tesh concerts
G opera
H popular music
I piano and violin concertos

ENTERTAINMENT (Which appeals to you most?)
A picnics in the meadow, canoe rides, visiting the zoo
B art and craft shows, visiting a teahouse, reading in a hammock
C coffee houses, unusual cuisine, visiting the local playhouse
D dancing the night away, jumping in the pool at midnight, good conversation
E candlelight dinners, dancing in the moonlight, bubble baths
F a relaxing massage at the spa, traveling to new places, dining alfresco
G going to the theatre and the ballet, vintage wines, drinking champagne
H making new friends and cherishing old ones, ice cream socials, going to the circus
I garden tours and flower shows, visiting designer houses, haute cuisine

If you answers were mostly: Then You Prefer:
A Citrus, oceanic, and marine scents
B Floral bouquets and single floral scents
C Spicy and chypre blends
D Fresh, spicy florals, woodsy-mossy chypres
E Fresh and fruity florals
F Floriental, oriental, amber notes
G Modern aldehydic scents that sparkle, florientals
H Green, fruity, and marine scents
I Oriental, modern, florientals

You will probably find several scent families that appeal to you.

Adapted from Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes, by Nancy M. Booth. Copyright (c) 1997 by Nancy M. Booth. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes, by Nancy M. Booth.


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