Reaching Heaven

If you were able to meet Jesus today as he was in real life, there would be a gap between your level of awareness and his–we know that this is true when we encounter spiritually inspired people who are far less enlightened than Jesus, the saintly among us whose compassion reflects back our own spiritual shortcomings.

If you were to follow Jesus after meeting him, you would have to try to close this gap, setting you on the path that unfolds over time. The same holds true without a flesh-and-blood Jesus; the same gap needs to be closed between your present state of awareness and God-consciousness.

Devotion, service, and contemplation remain viable ways to transform yourself, yet even the most devout Christians fall into the trap of believing that they donít have to transform themselves inwardly, that performing enough acts of devotion (attending church, praying, giving to the poor, and the like) will suffice or that doing charitable work among the poor and sick, or thinking about God as often as possible, will be sufficient.

Jesus warns us against this trap when he speaks in parable form, about seed that falls on waste ground and doesnít sprout. The seed is his teaching; the waste ground is a mind unprepared to receive the truth.

What Jesus doesnít elaborate upon is how waste ground can be made fertile. He says only that some people receive a bit of the truth, some a great deal, and some none at all.

Letís assume that you and I can absorb some of the truth, rather than all, or none. In this regard, we fit into the category of Jesusí disciples. We are neither hopeless nor fully realized in God. We turn to Jesus because he understands the territory of the unknown, the source not only of a messiah but of the soul itself.

Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


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Laws of Physics and Chemistry: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed

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Buddha, John the Baptist, Jesus, Krishna, Pythagoras, etc all knew that the THIRD EYE within each of us is where the higher consciousness resides. Meditation within the Logos, Word, Om, Aum, Amen, Tao, Living Water, Sound Current, etc and a vegetarian arm-free diet is essential to going within. All elevated beings have taught this and practiced it. It is a shame that "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light" is one of the only actual references to the True Spiritual Path that was not eliminated from the canons to be made available for mass consumption for the public by the brutal, flesh-eating, animal and human sacrificing, expansionist, hedonistic Romans, as there are otherwise many writings and commonalities one can otherwise find between the ways of John the Baptist, Jesus, James, the Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Eastern ad all other mystics, all pointing to reincarnation of the spirit until it reaches a state ready to detach from the material and attach to the third eye region via meditation and initiation connecting to and awakening the inner ear, a vegetarian harm-free way of peace, no intoxicants, etc. All of these ways are shared by every elevated man and woman and it is a shame that the Roman world-view is now the dominant one, as it is leading men and women directly away from the spiritual experiences we all contain within us. Killing beings is the absolute WORST thing a person can do, and yet, Rome replace PEACE and Vegetarian with their

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Man's EGO is a product of an "errant gene" of the homo sapiens species. Jesus was able to transcend human consciousness and attain the "divine" State as he was lacking the "errant gene" Many enlightened humans seeking the light of the creator fulfill this goal by "realization of ONENESS" The cause of our suffering is due to separation of our heart from the surrounding laws of nature and the UNIVERSE. The several spiritual doctrines including Kabbalah bring about awareness of our inherent connection with one another. Our attachment to the material world brings about our separation from God. Jesus was a wonderful example of God consciousness.