What’s Your True Voice?

Dielle Ciesco shares how to recover the power of our voices through the 10 Gates of Sound.

We take our ability to speak for granted every day, perfecting our misuse of a tool with the power to transform our world.

Each of us came here to stand for something; we came with a message to share–a song to sing. But the voice is a terribly wounded channel. We learned from a very young age that expressing ourselves was something to be controlled and censured. Many of us heard the message to “shut up”, were told we couldn’t sing, or that we were too loud, too inappropriate with our exuberant joy.

Instead, we’ve learned how to manipulate others with our words, to bend our truth to the will of others, and to swallow the most vulnerable of our expressions. We’ve seen such behaviors modeled and even praised while the reverse… speaking up, daring to be truthful, asking for what we want directly, singing just because it was our joy… has been judged as selfish, taking up too much space, even villainous.

Recovering our True Voice is essential to bringing balance back to this topsy-turvy world, beginning with our inner world. We can learn to use “yes” and “no” as clear tools. We can learn to be more direct. We can speak up and speak out, even while shaking in our boots.

So how to we go about reclaiming the power of the voice? We do this by bringing awareness to the 10 Gates of Sound:

The Vocal Channel

1) We first become aware of the physical tools of the voice. We simply bring our attention to our tongue, our throat, our vocal chords…

The Breath

2) We then shift our awareness to the breath, the carrier of sound. We come to understand its power to break up stagnation and congestion.

Letters and Words as Program

3) Next we begin to pay attention to the energy of letters and words, cleansing them of the programming that was thrust upon us….Continue reading on InspireMeToday.com.

Dielle is a sound healing facilitator and author of The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound.

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Listening to oneself is the start of fulfillment

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