Recreate This Bohemian Mod Outdoor Space

Estee Stanley is a style guru in Hollywood, known for putting together fashionable looks for many celebrities. She also has a knack for home decor. Here is a look at her bohemian mod outdoor space in Los Angeles, a gathering place for friends and family. Read on for ideas on how to recreate the look.

Photos by Laure Joliet for Gardenista.

Above: Stanley’s own Carnation Patchwork Pillows ($54.99 from HomeMint) add dashes of exotic color to the otherwise neutral space.

Above: Stanley likes to layer textiles, rugs, and cushions outside (the beauty of LA? no worries about rain during the summer and most of autumn). Here, she sets the table with Tarascon blue and white tableware from her HomeMint housewares collaboration with Justin Timberlake.

Above: Currently on sale at HomeMint: The striped Tara Mugs are for $20.99 for two, the floral print Tarascon Dinner Plates are $17.99 for a two, and the blue Tarascon Cereal Bowls are $14.99 for two.

Above: We’ve been obsessed with pompom blankets from Morocco for a while now; our favorite source? Twenty-One Tonnes offers Pompom Blankets for $245, made by families in the Rif mountains of Morocco, who loom them by hand with locally harvested wool.

Above: The London Large Clear Hurricane is $39.95 at Crate & barrel.

To learn more about Estee Stanley and her style, visit LA Woman: At Home with Hollywood’s Syle Guru. For more inspiring spaces to replicate, check out Gardenista’s other Steal This Look posts.




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Nice design. However, this article is so short, that I suspect it was written only to place a few links to the products there. Why these close-ups of stuff instead of a whole decorated area?

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