Recreate The Look Of This Botanical Thanksgiving Tabletop

Do you dream of a woodland-inspired tabletop for Thanksgiving? If so, follow the lead of Gardenista editor Erin Boyle as she creates this simple and budget-friendly look. It appears to have been freshly plucked from the garden, but it actually hails from the corner grocery store.

Photographs by Erin Boyle.

For Thanksgiving this year, Erin felt the need to eschew all of the rusts and golds and oranges in favor of a subtler hues of green and white and blue. To keep fussiness to a minimum, she’ll bundle sets of vintage flatware with linen napkins, do away with place mats entirely and make miniature bouquets from grocery store greens.

indigo fall table top | gardenista

Above: Similar Indigo Blue Linen Napkins are available from Maalikaa Creations on Etsy. For those on a more modest budget,Murphy Blue Napkins are on sale at Crate and Barrel.

indigo fall table top | gardenista

Above: Instead of using place mats or a tablecloth, Erin decided on cloth coasters. These Navy White Stripe Coasters are from Shop Fog Linen.

indigo fall table top | gardenista

Above: Simple white dishes are perfect for any season. Here, Erin used Muji’s 26-cm Beige Plate.

indigo fall table top | gardenista

Above: For the greens, Erin chose seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, hypericum, all purchased from her local grocery store. Given just enough water in the bottom of a short, squat vessels, they added spots of greenery to each setting, without crowding the table.

indigo fall table top | gardenista

Above: Erin used a set of vintage silverware, tied in jute bundles around her napkins.

Interested in a step-by-step details for the napkin rings? Visit Botanical Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving.


Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Very pretty and unique. May try it come November. Thanks.

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Very pretty, love simple rustic beauty.

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BJ J4 years ago

Nice yet simple.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Gardenista, for Sharing this!

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