Relationship Reboot: Recreate the First Date

When it comes to relationships—and to reigniting the spark—it’s the little things that count. Which is why, each week, we’ll share an easy way to reconnect with your significant other. No big-budget vacations or vow renewals required—just real-life ways to make the most of a weekend, an hour, or a commercial break.

My first date with my boyfriend was simple: dinner at a local Thai restaurant, followed by a walk in the neighborhood and a shared cupcake on a park bench. Over a year later, we did it all over again—and it was even more fun the second time around.

How can a date deja vu give your relationship a reboot? Well, first off, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting the warm-and-fuzzies about your partner as you recall the butterflies in your stomach that first time around, what you wore, and the first nervous chatter. It’s also a great opportunity to relive the first date…from your partner’s perspective. I loved hearing all of the details of my boyfriend’s first impressions of me—something you usually don’t outright ask about following the real first date.

Finally, the first date re-do also serves as a great time to think about how far you’ve come together. Don’t just reminisce about the details of the first date—where were you living during that time in your life? What kind of job did you have? Were you happy? What was your favorite hobby? And don’t worry if you now live across the country from your first date spot, or if that little Italian restaurant is now a laundromat—take that walk down memory lane over a load of laundry, or order in and recreate the date on your dining room table.

As for the first kiss? It’s your call—I didn’t get one on our real first date, but I made sure to get it the second time around!

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Katya J.
Katya J5 years ago


Mysti Moon
Mysti Moon5 years ago

good re-connection idea!

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen5 years ago

Thank you .)

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Very nice. Thanks.

Nimue Pendragon

Great idea. Do it on a regular basis, you will remember the fun and anticipation and forget your woes, and maybe your relationship won't go stale.

Atocha B.
Mary Frances B6 years ago

Nice idea!

Lisa D'arcangelis
Lisa Plunkett6 years ago

We love doing this.

Jennifer P.
Jennifer P6 years ago

We saw Independence Day and went out to eat. I think we own about three copies of it (vhs, dvd, blu-ray) so we put it on at least once a year... :)

Chad A.
Chad Anderson6 years ago

Nice idea, but we didn't really have one... we just kept doing things that were increasingly date-like until I asked her if she wanted to date so no particular time was memorable per se!

Elizabeth O.
.6 years ago

Thanks for posting.