Relationship Reboot: 5 Ways to Shake Up Your Weekday Routine

When it comes to relationships—and to reigniting the spark—it’s the little things that count. Which is why, each week, we’ll share an easy way to reconnect with your significant other. No big-budget vacations or vow renewals required—just real-life ways to make the most of a weekend, an hour or a commercial break.

It’s no secret that a small action can make a big difference—just ask someone who just cut her own bangs over the bathroom sink.

When it comes to relationships though, small actions often have a positive impact. So this week, why not make small changes in a big way? Here are five ways—try one out each day of week:

MONDAY: Used to catching up over email throughout the day? Step outside during a break for a 5-minute phone chat.

TUESDAY: Slow down this morning—wake up earlier to jump in the shower together and have a long breakfast.

WEDNESDAY: Get them through humpday with a dirty text.

THURSDAY: Take your PDA to the digital level—give your partner kudos on a job promotion on Facebook or tweet that cute photo of the two of you from a recent road trip.

FRIDAY: If you’re used to seeing your significant other at home after work on the weekdays, suggest picking them up at their office for dinner out. And take your time—it’s Friday!

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