9 Ways to Remove Anger

If we feel anger but do not want it, then there are many ways to get rid of it. By itself anger will not stay for a very long time because of the natural changes in body chemistry. So if we do not feed anger with our thoughts it will go all by itself. Be on the watch for angerís friend: Fear. Work to overcome the fears that make us angry through feeling helpless.

Keep these guidelines around to use when you need them! Here are nine practical ways to remove the biochemical basis for anger:

1. Slowly drinking several glasses of cool water (not icy cold) is a sure way to get rid of Anger. Soft drinks, with a lot of sugar, acids, and often caffeine will not do. They will only increase the excitement.

2. Drinking water that has been stored in a silver cup, accumulating lunar energy for a day and night or more, is the very best. As an alternative, sun-baked or unglazed clay cups may also be used.

3. Not taking any sweet or fat and especially fasting for some time is a sure way to deny combustibles to the fire of anger. Since the feeling of hunger may increase irritability, any food fasting should be combined with exercising calmness.

4. Taking a little sweet may help, but only a small amount should be taken and allowed to slowly melt in the mouth, just to give the direct effect of the taste.

5. Avoid pungent, salty, sour, and astringent tastes in general.

6. Avoid alcohol, because it is the best combustible available, heating and drying the body.

7. Chewing red or green cardamom will turn the acid biochemistry to alkaline and thus reduce anger.

8. Yogurt and lemons are very good also. Lemons are sour but are cooling, unlike most sour foods.

9. Wearing pearls or taking pearl powder for more than one lunar cycle is a good way to get rid of persistent anger.

We must, however, take care not to cool down the body too much because it may trigger a response that heats up the body, such as happens after taking a really cold shower.

Adapted from The Yoga of the Nine Emotions, by Peter Marchand (Inner Traditions, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Peter Marchand. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Yoga of the Nine Emotions, by Peter Marchand (Inner Traditions, 2006).


Kasuni S.
Kasuni S.4 years ago

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Meditation also very helpful.

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not sure about some of these. excuse to get pearls?

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a             y m.
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Taylor V.
Taylor V.5 years ago

"accumulating lunar energy for a day and night"

As a physicist, this makes me a level of angry which cannot be described. *Facepalm*

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