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Finally more and more people are realizing the evil of plastic bags. With the latest ruling in San Jose, cities are starting to ban the everlasting landfillers currently offered by most retailers.

While these city-wide measures are great first steps, the problem still exists on a massive scale. Not only are plastic bags a very unsightly and permanent visitor to rivers and oceans, they also threaten wildlife habitats, clog drainage systems, and harm birds, fish, and other animals. It is estimated that the world uses about 500 billion bags in one year (about 100 billion in the U.S. alone).

Plastic bags consumed this year:

The good news is that more and more people are relying on reusable cloth bags and curbing their reliance on plastic. The even-better news is that companies are starting to create non-plastic, reusable products for all areas of our lives. is a great resource for helping you ditch the disposable lifestyle for good. Not only are their products made with Fair Labor/Fair Wages and sustainable materials, each product is backed with a Lifetime Guarantee, which means it shouldn’t end up in a landfill.

Leave a comment on this article to win each of the items pictured below:

I’m Not a Paper Towel; Multi-purpose cloth made of hemp and organic cotton. Set of 4, $11.95

Thank You Have a Nice Day!; Multi-purpose, lightweight, and sturdy. Made with hemp and organic cotton and printed with PVC-free ink. $9.95.

I Am Not a Paper Bag; Lightweight, 100% recycled, and lead-free reusable lunch bag. On sale, $7.95.

Thank You Reusable Bag; Made with hemp and printed locally with PVC-free ink. $9.95.


Ram Reddy
Care member5 years ago

Good article

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Prochi T.
Prochi T6 years ago

Very good habit and it saves the ever growing plastick bags mountain. we all should keep up this trend.

Katie G.

I have been using cloth bags in our house for well over 7 years and am so glad to see that others are finally taking steps to be the catalyst for change...small changes make a BIG difference.

Jacqueline Baruch

I've made 2 orders from Love the products. Produce bags are especially great!

Anna Ekback
Anna Ekback7 years ago

looovvvee them, use them, would love to win them

jennifer davidson

Love all of these items.

Debra C.
Debra C.7 years ago

We have recycle containers for trash. It amazes me when I see my neighbors throwing recyclables into the trash and not taking the few seconds to separate and recycle.

Michal L.
Michal Lynch7 years ago

I use the shopping bags, but I can't seem to break my kids of the habit of using paper towels!

anna z.
g d c7 years ago

Happy to see that people are proactive! And osme of these recycle bags have very attractive designs to boot!

Good show!