Rhino Killer Shot by Police

Call it justice, karma, or rhino relief. A serial rhino killer has been shot and killed by Swaziland police after he shot at them. ‘Lucky’ Maseko was wanted in South Africa for attempted murder, and environmental crimes, including the deaths of at least ten rhinos in the last two years. Swaziland is where he wound up after leaving a trail of death from South Africa, “Swaziland has been targeted because there is low risk here compared to doing the same in SA. The situation will get worse if the country amends the Game Act because criminals from other countries and even locals will know that it is safe to poach in Swaziland. They will use the weak legislation to their advantage,” said a conservation official there. (Source: Swaziland Times)

Maseko was just one of three rhino killers shot dead by Swaziland police. After the shooting of the rhino poachers, two rhino horns, guns and ammunition were recovered. An individual who commits such heinous crimes against human beings repeatedly is known as a serial killer. Will that term ever be extended to include humans that repeatedly cause the deaths of animals, especially if the killer is contributing to the extinction of an entire species? After all, humans are actually just primates and also animals. So what exactly is the difference? Animal poachers who repeatedly kill animals have been known to shoot at conservation rangers sometimes killing them. Shouldn’t the law recognize the relationship between animal destruction and violence against humans in psychopaths and sociopaths and punish them accordingly?

Maseko was listed on the INTERPOL website was wanted. He was also one of South Africa’s most wanted, for various poaching charges and skipping bail. In South Africa he was once caught at a police roadblock with guns near a nature preserve containing rhinos. It was assumed he intended to kill some of them.

Swaziland is a very small country bordered on three sides by South Africa, so it is sort of inside the borders of South Africa. In the 1990s they were losing one rhino  per week due to poaching. Today they might be down to just about 100.

Image Credit: Sara Atkins

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Allan Booyjzsen
Allan Booyjzsen7 years ago

I still think that if all Rhinos had there horns poisoned it would soon scare the users off and cut the demand, especially once the users start dying.

Experiments have been carried out in South Africa at private Reserves and the Rhinos were not affected at all. It is just that the South African government is too scared to upset China.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

"Maybe God heard the prayers of the rhinos."

No, the idiot shot at the police and the police killed him. Imaginary gods and fairy spirits had nothing to do with it. Since when can rhinos "pray"? I didn't know they could speak English or did any reading of the holy book of horrors?

Article Xone
Article Xone7 years ago

This is proper justice for that rhino killer

m Shiel
M s7 years ago

I'm not sorry that poacher was killed and I hope a lot more are I do not understand the elle macpherson comment,but if she advocates killing rhinos etc, she should be held accountable Stop supporting her work etc

Fred L.
Fred L7 years ago

If you're going to advocate killing poachers, you should advocate the same for their clients, like supermodel Elle Macpherson:


Otherwise, you just may be racist and elitist. Just saying.

Angela N.
Angela N7 years ago


Christine Stewart

I am glad a few rhinos may have been saved by the death of this poacher. Now to get the crime syndicates to stop bankrolling rhino slaughter for rich idiots in China....

Dolores D.
De D7 years ago

Justice for the Rhino! I can't believe people actually believe the Rhino Horns have special powers or cures in this day and age

F S7 years ago

good riddance to bad rubbish...

jayasri amma
jayasri amma7 years ago

Maybe God heard the prayers of the rhinos.