Roadkill Problem Solved by Technology?

Volvo is developing onboard car braking systems that can detect animals nearby to alert drivers and even stop vehicles before impact. Known as Auto Brake technology, it is based on their Pedestrian Detection system, which was developed to decrease vehicle collisions with people.

“The goal is for the system to function at the normal rural highway speeds. In cases in which it cannot help the driver entirely avoid the collision, the system will slow down the car sufficiently to help reduce the force of impact and thus of serious injuries,” said a technical safety expert from Volvo. (Source: The animal detection system is being designed to work in the dark

From 2008 to 2010, there were 2.3 million collisions with deer in the United States. Many of these accidents hurt both the deer and people. They also cause much damage to vehicles and some of the repairs are not covered by insurance. States like West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa and Montana are where the most deer are hit. (Most deer-related accidents happen in November.) Of course, it isn’t only deer that are hit, bears, squirrels, pets, elk, moose–just about anything that moves is eligible. In 2010 28 bears were hit by vehicles in Yosemite National Park alone.

No technology is perfect, but anything that helps people become more aware of animals when they are driving so that accidents are reduced would be very welcome.

Image Credit: Public Domain

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Scherry D.
Scherry D6 years ago

Does anyone else find it totally annoying that these ads play automatically so you can't even hear the featured video???? I am getting so tired of being bombarded by ads that I don't enjoy anymore.

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

Great but, what helps a lot and people just ignore is SPEED LIMIT.......... I visit Yosemite twice a year and it really bothers me to see reckless and careless drivers, they just DON"T care! Follow and Respecting Speed limits, Really makes a difference!

Whitney Metz
Whitney Metz6 years ago

Fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing!

Bob Stuart
Bob Stuart6 years ago

How can anyone write an article like this without mentioning the operating principle??

Yvette T.
Past Member 6 years ago

Go Volvo! All car cos must incorporate this technology! So COOL!

dawn w.
Dawn W6 years ago

I hope this technology actually works. I recently hit a small animal and felt-still feel-so horrible (I just couldn't avoid it).I'm always sad when I see a dead animal in the road,I hate it.Hope I never hit an animal again.I just wonder how expensive this car will be.

Cindy P.
Cindy P6 years ago

That's awesome! Too bad the animals that do get hit are intentional and careless! If you pay attention, you should be able to avoid accidents!

Tana M.
Tana D6 years ago

Anything to reduce the number of poor creatures killed is great. I just hope they can get it to work sufficiently and this technology becomes available or even standard on all vehicles.

Jean Sleigh
Jean Sleigh6 years ago

This is really really REALLY good! Except the video, I know, I know, it being a PR tool etc... shows a car travelling at almost zero km/hr among peaceful buck in a pristine environment... what about suburbs where dogs/cats roam? Kids run around? I hope they're not only going to develop this for 'rural roads'? We need it for the CITIES too. But this a job well done and Volvo mustn't stop there - they must be leaders in this field with the rest following SOON :)
Different topic: Haha, the commentator is called "Isabel Jones"... here in South Africa we had an investigative tv programme that looked into poor service and shoddy products on behalf of customers, and the presenter was also an Isabel Jones! Small world... :D

Clare E.
Clare Canfield6 years ago

I hope this really helps.