Rose Water and Glycerin Facial Cleanser

Rose water is one of the all-time best and most traditional facial
cleansers, because rose is astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,
and has a lovely scent.

1 cup rose-infused water
2 teaspoons glycerin
5 to 10 drops rose essential oil

Place a handful of dried rose petals in a mason jar, cover with boiling water, seal, and let set overnight. Note that dried rose petals are available in many health food stores (as is vegetable glycerin), or online from herbal supply stores.

After the rose petal infusion has set overnight, strain. Combine the ingredients in a pretty jar, and shake to blend. Note that you will extend the shelf life if you add 1/2 a teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract (available in health food stores). The antiseptic quality of essential oils will also act as a preservative.

By Annie B. Bond


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Thanks Annie.

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Thanks for sharing

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Julie W.
Julie W3 years ago

I have used rose water and glycerin in the past for moisturising. Never thought of it as a cleaner. It feels a bit 'sticky', but smells nice.

Shahid A.
Shahid A.3 years ago

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Make the best use of what we've got and the cleanliness for both our body and our environment

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That sounds like a really nice cleanser, I will give it a whirl. Thank you for sharing this.