Rx for Problem Nails

Underneath those winter mittens and gloves, our nails may be needing some serious attention. The state of our nails can tell us a lot about our overall health. For instance, did you know that if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, it will show up on your nails?

Find out what problem signs to look for, and learn how your nails–and you–can be stronger and more beautiful starting now.

We researched this topic on the web and found out the following:

Dry or Brittle Nails

1. Limit your handsí exposure to harsh detergents or alcohol-based lotions.

2. Increase your calcium intake. Yogurt, nettle infusion or extract, and dark leafy greens will all be helpful.

3. Increase your consumption of vitamin A. Sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, spinach, cantaloupe, and dried apricots are all rich in Vitamin A.

4. Drink more pure water and fewer caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.

White Spots on Your Nails

Eat more zinc-rich foods. These are mostly animal-based, so vegetarians may need to take a supplement.

Curved or Rounded Nails

This may be caused from insufficient B12. The foods highest in B12 are animal-based, so vegetarians may need to take a supplement.

Yellowed Nails

1. Smoking can cause yellowed nails, as well as a host of other health problems. Get some support and quit.

2. Using nail polish can also cause yellow nails. Try brushing your nails with whitening toothpaste!

3. Fungal and other infections can also cause yellow nail discoloration. If you suspect this might be your problem, see a doctor.

Cracked, Peeling, or Chipped Nails

You may need more minerals and protein in your diet.

By Annie B. Bond


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