Rx: Mangosteen Juice to Quell Inflammation

When you cut your finger, bruise a knee, or catch the flu, inflammation acts as a friend, rallying the body’s immune system to defend against microbes and heal the injury or illness. But when the immune response never shuts off, that chronic low-level inflammation irritates the body and can raise the risk of diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. While researchers haven’t untangled all the mechanisms behind this yet, hyperactive immune cells can, for example, destabilize cholesterol deposits, setting the stage for heart attack, or they can destroy nerve cells in those predisposed to Alzheimer’s.

Chronic inflammation–triggered by everything from the typical Western diet of processed, sugary foods to irritated bowels, inflamed gums, and autoimmune disease–can be detected with tests that measure levels of C-reactive protein (an inflammation marker) and white blood cell counts. You don’t need a test, however, to take proactive steps against inflammation. A diet high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, spices like turmeric, magnesium-rich foods, olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids all help douse the flames.

Another star “firefighter” is mangosteen juice. Native to tropical locales such as Thailand, the mangosteen fruit looks nothing at all like a mango (or a beer stein, for that matter). What sets this tangerine-size fruit apart are its high levels of xanthones, powerful antioxidants that have garnered growing attention from medical researchers. So far, they’ve isolated 220 types of xanthones–42 of which are found in mangosteen. Xanthones dampen inflammation by inhibiting the action of key inflammatory enzymes like COX-2 and 5-LOX. An in vitro study, presented in March at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting found that concentrated mangosteen (specifically Mango-xan Antioxidant Recovery Formula made by Pure Fruit Technologies) reduced the activity of these enzymes by about 98 percent.

No one’s yet studied the effect mangosteen has on humans, but anecdotal evidence supports the anti-inflammatory claims, with “people who regularly take a mangosteen product reporting relief from chronic pain,” says Wayne Geilman, Ph.D., of Pure Fruit Technologies.

While custom laws prevent merchants from importing the entire mangosteen to the United States, you can buy several types of concentrates and purees in natural food stores. Some companies, like Genesis Today, offer pure mangosteen juice, while others, like Pure Fruit Technologies, Trace Minerals, and Dynamic Health Laboratories, offer blends of the fruit’s juice, flesh, and rind, which may pack more potency.

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By Hope Bentley, Natural Solutions magazine


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Jenny G
Jenny G2 years ago

I was looking for foods or supplements to help with inflammation. I might need to do some more research into mangosteen.

Vural K.
Past Member 9 years ago


Martha G.
Martha G10 years ago

A friend of mine just started to distribute Xango juice and want me to join the distribution network. Since I have never heard of it before I wanted to find some information. I also found this comment ( http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/212643 ) in the site, so I am all confused. Is it good or not?

Barbara M.
Barbara M10 years ago

I Just read all the comments on mangosteen for inflammation. Great info. Thanks to all who shared their experiences and knowledge. It's a great help.

Inge K.
Inge K.10 years ago

Did you see that also Dr.Oz in Ophra spoke about the benefits of mangosteen? I am a nurse in the Netherlands. Xango is in my heart, it helps a lot of people with their health. Even one of our MS patients in the nursing home where I work is on Xango, paid by the foundation! Listen and see for yourself. 0ver 80 spoken testimonials, pictures, scientific research on www.xanthone.eu. You can contact me through contact on this site. We are working closely together with specialists in the US. One doctor specialized in Colon cancer even has over 1500 patients on the juice. I have great contacts all over the world and a lot in the US that can help you how to order the best mangosteen juice in the world! Why I think it is the best? Because we are the only one who can use the whole fruit ( patented by XanGo) and it is the synergie of the whole fruit that gives all the benefits. What is the specialty of mangosteen? It is anti infammatory and all diseases even cancer starts with inflammation. Did you know they found the pericarp in caves used before Christ? Are you not sorry that we forgot all these qualities Mother Nature gave us. Are you not sorry that lots of people only believe in chemicals? If I feel not well, I hardly ever do, I sip XanGo every hour and it is gone in a day! I never have to stay in my bed for the last years because of illness.
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Katherine T.
Kate T10 years ago

this would be PERFECT for women with endometriosis like myself. If i can just afford it.....

Brenda Chisholm
Brenda Chisholm10 years ago

I take Mangosteen juice every day and all of my health problems are now under control. I had arthritis so bad in my knee that last Christmas I could hardly walk! The doctor told me to take Ibuprofen for the inflammation and Tylenol for the pain. I am not a pill popper so I went to a homeopath who helped me somewhat, but when I was told about XanGo (the only mangosteen juice on the market that uses the WHOLE fruit because the rind has most of the Xanthones) I was desperate to have my pain under control. It only took two weeks for my knee pain to be totally gone! I've told so many of my relatives about this amazing product and they are having remarkable results for all kinds of ailments.

If you would like some of this juice I am a Xango distributor. You can go to my web site:


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Sandrine T.
Past Member 10 years ago

My all time favorite fruit! I spent two years in Vietnam and when the mangosteen season came on I wondered what this funny looking violet ball would taste like! And it's marvelous this sweet and sourish taste and the amazement when you cut into the pink flesh and see this bright white flesh! But be careful if you cut and see a yellowish string trough the flesh it means some flies got inside and you should throw this fruit out.

I'm more then happy now to know that my favorite fruit has this kind of positive effect on your body!!

Back in Europe I tried several Asianstore before I found one that sold the entire fruit. Very expensive but I had to try... unfortunately this import couldn't bring me back the memories of my experience in Vietnam it was still too unripe.
I'm delighted to read that there might be juices etc. I'll keep my eye open for them.
Thanks a bunch Annie!!!

Kaye Luttrell
Kaye Luttrell10 years ago

I use a drink named MonaVie and it works very well. I have plantar fascitis and this drink makes it soooo much better. The active ingredient is the acai plant.