Sacred Sexuality: How Women Rock!

I just took a womenís workshop with the fabulous Dr. Deb Kern called Sacred Sexuality: Experiencing and Harnessing Your True Feminine Power, which married the principles she learned from the Divine Feminine/ Awakened Masculine Institute with her own unique philosophy and talents.. But before I go any further, Iím going to disappoint anybody who landed on this post while Google-searching porn. Nobody got naked. There was no girl-on-girl action (at least not the kind youíre thinking of). And nobody had an orgasm — at least not the kind of brief, spasmodic clit sneeze most of us think of when we hear the word.

But something bigger happened. Something much bigger, sexier, and more powerful.

When you have a fully embodied experience, itís very hard to translate it into words because words are just too small — and way too cerebral.

So instead, let me paint you a few pictures.

  • A circle of women pulses to the music while Mama Earthís energy flows through our legs and grounds us into the sacred space where magical things are about to happen.
  • Pairs of women partner for yoga stretches. We surrender our bodies to the hands of someone else — and let go.
  • I have my first threesome (and itís not what you think). One woman (the space holder) leans back on pillows and transforms her body into a vessel with which to cradle a second woman (the receiver). The space holder strokes the receiverís hair. The receiver rests against the pillows of her breasts. The receiver surrenders completely into the arms of the space holder while a third woman (the giver) lays hands upon the energy centers of the receiver. Indescribable intimacy is born from the constant gaze shared between the three. Each chakra is blessed and cleared — and the giver serves as a channel for something exceedingly sacred, a divine love that flows through the giver into the receiver while the space holder creates the safe container. Magic happens. Thatís all I can say. And it ends with a three way hug that beats anything Iíve ever received from a man.
  • Drumbeats thrum. We lie on yoga mats and rock back and forth, thrusting our pelvises forward while squeezing our pelvic muscles, rocking back and then thrusting forth — first slowly, then faster, then faster. We make noise. Lots of noise. The music swells. The energy flows. Some of us laugh. Some cry. The temperature of the room increases. We are HOT. Really HOT. This goes on for 8 minutes. When weíre done, we have JBF hair. And we look so much more beautiful than when we arrived at the workshop. You could call it a full body orgasm. But I wonít because the words suggest something tawdry or shameful, and there was nothing dirty about this experience. It was sacred. Transformative. Mind-blowing.

At the end of the workshop, I sense that a few of us feel a little bit shy, as if someone just caught us masturbating, even though no genitals were touched and nobody exposed anything but their heart, but even more than the shyness, we feel connected. We feel loved. We feel seen. And we feel infinitely powerful — OH so powerful. The energy in the room is palpable. We are electric, but even more so, we are magnetic. The dogs outside go nuts. They bark nonstop. They can smell the scent of woman.

There are tears. And there is joy. People are seeing auras for the first time and feeling a bit freaked out.

But more than anything — there is vitality.

There is a profound sense of being fully, radiantly, femininely alive. And we want more. We are drunk on it. We are tripping on our own energy, and we are starving for this. We walk around in a world where this kind of energy is not discussed and not valued, and yet we know what just happened, and we know why women were labeled as witches and burned at the stake.

Because women are frigginí powerful, and the world isnít quite sure what to do with this power. Even as we feel the power we have just unleashed, we are in awe of it. We understand that, misused, it can destroy people. It can wreak havoc. It can topple kingdoms.

But we also recognize that when women become vessels for divine love and we call upon this power, we transform not just ourselves, but those around us. When we fully embrace our feminine sexuality, reside in our bodies, connect with other women for the purposes of healing, unleash our feminine power, and allow our energy to run fully from root chakra to crown chakra, we become light bodies capable of saving the world.

The Dalai Lama says, ďThe world will be saved by the Western woman.Ē This is why. Because when we stop running from what it means to be female and allow ourselves to be one with the divine feminine that lies within each of us, we become superheroes. Nothing is beyond our capacity. And when we channel that power for good, rather than evil, we will change the world.

And now everyone is gone, and I am basking in the feeling of my own feminine power and reveling in the realization that when you gather women together with the intention of healing, magic happens. Every time. It is our innate nature. Other shit gets in the way — competition, jealousy, limiting beliefs, and fear. But when all of that is released, we are infinitely powerful in the best possible way.

And the doorway to this power lies in our sexuality.

Itís not the end all, be all. We are more than our pussies. But this part of our body that makes us uniquely female is a gateway into something sacred. And we must open that door in order to access this divine power.

Is feminine sexuality scary? You betcha. Because we make dogs howl. We make each other bleed when we hang out together. We break hearts and destroy kings. We are goddesses capable of changing the world.

But we must overcome the fear of what lies within us in order to embrace why weíre here on earth.

Are you ready? Can you do it? Are you prepared to OWN your sexuality and your feminine power?


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago

Not for shy people!

Sandy P.
Sandy P.6 years ago

I am glad to see our Progressive movement open up more to free speaking and honest positive attitudes concerning our lesbian ideals. It is important to keep the movement of women that way. Being gay is good! Thank you for this article!

Stacye C.
Stacie C6 years ago

Interesting experience it would seem. Thanks for the article.

Roisin Campbell
Past Member 6 years ago

Have to admit, I loved this article! Thanks for painting a wonderful picture of all women.

Mary R
Mary Roark6 years ago

This was really neat. For me, this was an entirely new view on women and their pure femininity and all that comes with such; I really never thought of anything like this before!

Theresa K.
Theresa K6 years ago

My god, people get so pissy over some things that are clearly humour. "Clit sneeze" was funny; if you got your panties twisted over it, you probably haven't had one in too long, so go get laid. The recruitment for a lesbian club comment was so stupid I can't even begin to say, and Steve's comment was just as bad.

Also, I'm pretty sick of people picking on Lissa. Did she have way too many book ref's in previous articles? Yes. Get over it. Care2 isn't a place for people to be mean. This isn't an elementary school playground. After my first paragraph it may seem ironic for me to say that, but I've had it with people giving this woman crap so I've decided to say something. If you can't be nice or at LEAST civil to her, then shut the hell up or find another site on which to be a doodie head. Google magic, you'll find one fast enough.

With that out of the way, Charles Wallace is made of win, and so is Lissa Rankin.

Becky S.
Becky S6 years ago

What on earth?

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

"This is precisely why, in my mind, God is female."

Amen Charles Wallace! Your wife is a lucky lady!

Fareena Narine
Fareena Narine6 years ago


Trina Dewes
Trina Dewes6 years ago

I agree with Mandy about the clit sneeze reference. I was thinking more of a wonderful roller coaster ride mixed with extreme euphoria! Also why do women not discuss the fact that we can have multiple orgasms and males do not? ( Sorry if I am off topic , I understand about the experience you had together as women not being physical per say)