Paint Strippers: New, Easy, and Safer Ways

It used to be that to strip paint or urethane required very toxic solvent-based strippers known to cause harm to the kidneys and liver and the environment. Dependence on these products for such tough jobs as paint removal has been completely eliminated, thanks to some new products on the market that really work. Best yet, they donít require elbow grease and hours of scraping. Protect your health and that of the planet:

Soy Paint Strippers

Soy Gel: Professional paint stripper. Ideal for lead-based paints, urethane coatings. Safer for you: no odor, non-toxic. Non-evaporative. Saves labor. Longer lift time. No neutralizing.

SoyClean Paint Stripper is a natural, soy-based, non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish and acrylic lacquer from furniture, auto, marine and most wood and metal surfaces. SoyClean Graffitti is a similar product that works to remove graffiti.
Soy Paint Strippers

30 Second Infrared Paint Removal Method

This tool uses infrared heat to soften paint and varnish. After the substance is quickly scraped off you can prime and paint immediately.
Infrared Methods

This same company produces a linseed-based solvent-free paint. The semi-gloss exterior and interior linseed paint has no chemical emissions. It is free of additives, preservatives and any petroleum products. 100% dry weight – nothing evaporates from the can. Use the same paint for primer, undercoat and topcoat. The paint covers twice the surface compared to conventional petroleum and acrylic paint. Drying time is approximately 24 hours at room temperature.
Solvent Free Paint.

By the Care2 Staff.


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All infrared paint strippers on the market are not of the same safety and quality. Google Infrared paint strippers and check them all before you buy.

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