San Diego Steps Up to Solar

The Board of Education for San Diego Unified School District approved a 5.2 megawatt solar power project for their school system. 23,000 solar panels will be installed at 20 sites and on over 80 rooftops. stated the San Diego school district will have more solar power than any school district in the United States.

San Diego Unified already has 4.17 megawatts of solar power. With the new equipment they will have 9.37 MW total. The company who will provide the solar panels and installation is AMSOLAR. Managing partner, Josh Weinstein said, “We are proud that SDUSD’s leadership selected AMSOLAR as its partner for this groundbreaking 5.2 megawatt solar project. The structure of this partnership ensures that the District saves money with no taxpayer investment required.”

AMSOLAR will also assist with solar energy awareness projects on the school sites. The whole school system has 130,000 students. San Diego USD’s solar project actually began back in 2000, when they installed photovoltaics at four schools. In order to teach children about solar energy an Envirometer was placed in one of the schools to show how much electricity was being generated and the amount of pollution not created.

In a neighboring school district where the town of Encinitas is two schools will have solar providing about 70% of their energyy. The city of San Diego is working on getting up to five megawatts of solar power generation. They intend to reach that goal by 2013. So it appears some of the school districts are ahead of the city government in renewable energy.

Image Credit: Jon Sullivan


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