Save Energy and Stay Warm During Winter

As fall gives way to winter and winds begin to blow harder and colder through the cracks in my home, my productivity tends to plummet, along with my mood. But you can find several ways to keep the coziness of your home intact while cutting energy consumption, even during the coldest, snowiest months ó and for me, feeling cozier means feeling more content and energetic.

When cold weather comes, follow these tips to lower your energy bills and keep your home feeling toasty:

1. Find Your Best, Cheapest and Greenest Home Heating Option

Weíre faced with an abundance of home heating options, from furnaces to woodstoves to solar thermal setups. But which one is best? This Guide to Greener Heating can help you compare the pros and cons before deciding which heater should warm your home.

2. Caulking and Weatherstripping

Air leaks cost us dearly. According to the Energy Star program, most people could save about 20 percent on their heating and cooling costs by sealing up air leaks. These easy and inexpensive methods for closing up those leaks will help you save a bundle on your heating bills.

3. Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater

Nothingís quite like taking a hot, relaxing shower after work on a cold winter day, but the energy it takes to heat that water is costly. Hot water heaters are energy hogs, but you can save energy and money by upgrading to a newer, more efficient model.

4. Follow These 5 Conservation Tips

Energy-saving improvements can be as simple as cleaning and servicing your existing heating system, or as adding a bit of insulation to basements and crawl spaces. These five tips will help you get your home ready for winter, and will help ensure that you donít need to sit all bundled up in your own home in order to stay comfortable when cold winter weather rolls around.

5. Quiz Yourself on What Your House Needs

By answering a few questions, you can find out whether your home is ready for winter. Each question in this quiz will offer links to energy-saving tips and advice on how to keep cold weather at bay.

If these tips arenít enough for you, here are just a few more tips on how to keep your energy consumption low and your home at a comfortable temperature during winter. Do you have special ways to keep warm when the ice and snow begin to blow in? Share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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