Save Money Going Green: Care2′s Best Ideas

Even while the green in our 401ks slip slides away, the green we put into our lifestyles can give us a solid foundation of thrifty money-saving skills that are simplicity-seeking and even fun.

Here is just a tip of the hat to the thousands of green living tips that we have on Care2, these with a special focus on saving money. We’d love it if you jump to the comment section and give us your winning green money-saving tips, too.

1. Food. Use the bulk bins in the natural food section of the supermarket.
8 Steps to the New Green Diet.
Home Canning is Hot
More food tips.

2. Cleaning. Make your own non-toxic cleaning solutions.
How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit
5 Basics for Non-Toxic Cleaning.
More cleaning tips.

3. Beauty. Try herbal hair dyes instead of going to a salon.
Easy DIY Moisturizer.
Good Scents, Natural Perfumes: Easy Greening
More true beauty tips.

4. Stuff. Try yard sales, thrift stores, reusable coffee filters, stainless steel water bottles, glass jars for food storage, and more.
Fall for Flea Markets
Reuse and Redecorate: 7 Bookends You Don’t Have to Buy
More reuse tips.

5. Fix it. In the old days people used to patch and fix anything they could; that was before our throwaway society took over and inspired us to buy cheap items that fell apart quickly. Rekindle some old-fashioned thrift and fix that which breaks by searching out your local cobblers and repair shops. Best of all, learn how to fix that which breaks yourself.

6. Energy savings. Less used means a smaller bill for you and less strain on the Earth’s resources.
6 Energy Saving Tips for the Dishwasher.
10 Thermostat Tips to Save Money.
More energy-saving tips.

7. Save resources. Make single-use plastic bottles and napkins a thing of the past.
Enough With the Plastic Bottles Already
Paper Towels and Napkins Versus Cloth.
More reuse tips.

8. Simplicity. Get rid of clutter to make your existence more serene.
Quiz: Is the Simple Life Right for You?
Decluttering Your Way to Peace and Beauty.
More simplicity tips.

9. Car awareness. With gas prices as high as they are, this one’s a no-brainer.
Green the Car You Have Now and Save
12 Ways to Stretch a Tank of Gas
More energy-saving car tips.

10. Decorate with nature. No need to buy plastic doo-dads to adorn your mantle or holiday table when there is gorgeousness in your own backyard.
15 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors.
Plants Enhance Home Beauty.
More about green home decor.

Please share: What are your best tips for saving green while saving the Earth?


Kay Martin
.4 years ago

Very good areticle Annie, I Love almost all of them, can use all but #3 and #9 (#3 do not dye my hair.) ( #9 I donated my car 3 years ago, ) I will pass all 10 on to my family and friends, who might still need these suggestions. keep them coming I am always looking for short cuts, money savers, and anything that makes my life simple and happier.

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Connie O.
Connie O4 years ago

Good reminders. Thanks.

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Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

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Ram Reddy4 years ago

Thanks for article

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katarzyna phillips

shop around. regardless of what it is, compare similar products elsewhere and see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, or do you get something with it that makes it worthwhile buying it from that particular place? i use the sales a lot to get something i want, but don't want to spend a load on. and i shop online too. so i use the shops to see what sort of things are around, look on the internet and again, see if i can get it cheaper there [aware of p&p costs], or if there is something better for the same amount of money. in terms of food, i use the reduced aisles in the supermarkets etc, buy in bulk when i can [limited generally in the uk on top of as well as you have to have memberships or be affiliated to certain corporations] or use online shops where they sell close to-or gone passed their sell by dates items, such as cous cous, sauces, etc

Margarita G.
Margarita G5 years ago

Thanks! noted!

Elizabeth Sowers
Liz Sowers5 years ago

I've got a few of these in place, but more to get going on! I also am thankful for companies like Seventh Generation.Thank you for sharing so much info.