Say “Thank You” 500 Ways

I’m not sure how to wrap my mind around it. Is this someone’s cool and quirky hobby? The product of someone who is just so very grateful? The result of an odd obsession? It’s actually the brainchild of one Jennifer Runner, who collects how to say things in many many languages.

Among other handy phrases, you can learn how to say “please” in more than 270 languages, “welcome” in more than 325 languages, and apropos for today: “Thank you” in over 500 languages. So if you’re looking for a novel way to say “thanks” today–visit Jennifer’s Language Page and express your appreciation anyway from Abenaki (Wliwni ni) to Zulu (Siyabonga).

Vinaka vakalevu, Jennifer!


Robert O.
Robert O4 years ago

Two simple words that mean so much and are important to always remember. Thank you!

Uddhab Khadka
Uddhab Khadka5 years ago

Dhanyabaad in Nepali

Seda A.
Seda A5 years ago

Tesekkurler! Thank you in Turkish.

Past Member
Dolly Navina L5 years ago

Gracias ! :)

Leanne B.
Leanne B6 years ago

Wow I love it...thanks so much I'm checking out her page!

Kerry S.
Kerry G6 years ago

yay! i love this article. thanks, grazie, merci, danke, gracias, todah....

Stella Offline W.
Stelizan L6 years ago

Thanks for sharing - DANKIE! - I just LOVE other languages! (Dankie is Afrikaans for thank you)

Raya B.
Raya B6 years ago

Wonderful, Thank You!

Pam EL A A.
Pamela A6 years ago

A friend would say greetings in other languages. I thought it was because he could speak all those languages until his wife told me he just knew how to say greetings in a lot of other languages. I was still impressed.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you