Saying Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies

If you are experiencing itchy eyes, a dry, raspy throat, sneezing, sinus headaches and tiredness, chances are you have seasonal allergies. Commercials bombard us with idyllic images of allergy medication from pills to nasal sprays.

However, we quickly adapt to the medication and soon need a stronger prescription. As for the over the counter pills like Advil and Aleve we take for headaches, many experience rebound headaches which research studies have validated as a real side-effect. Medication is no free ride; it has side-effects and costs you money.

The solution:
Your response to allergens often correlates to how balanced you are when it comes to eating, exercising, sleeping and stress-management. Allergies are actually an auto-immune response which translates into: the self against the self. So, it makes absolute sense that when you are intact and whole, your allergies will dissipate and no longer bother you; your immune system will be more vigilant. I present myself as a test case.

For years I was an allergy sufferer. My sinus headaches, dizziness, itchy eyes and occasional tiredness always arrived with spring. Every morning I woke up to coffee and Allegra D 180 mg. However, in the past few years I rarely have any symptoms except for the occasional itchy eye and more important–no more killer headaches and sinus pressure!

What changed? I stopped taking the medication five years ago, ate more fruits and vegetables and basically stopped fighting Mother Nature; I vowed to get along with her no matter what the weather. Brazenly, I went out to my garden, in the trenches, fertilizing, weeding, mulching and pruning without the fear or the expectation of an allergic reaction. I made up my mind not to have any symptoms and oh yes, I almost forgot, I managed my stress.

It’s time to ease up on yourself and find your balance in all that you do. When you are centered, you will feel well, able to inhale the fresh air as you exhale the staleness. Here are some suggestions that worked for me:
* Taper off your medication to help your body to re-adjust. (Always consult your doctor if you have special problems).
* Exercise five days a week for 30-60 minutes. Incorporate core stabilization exercises like lunges, squats, sit ups and yoga postures to help you find your balance.
* Diet is crucial. Keep every meal balanced: complex carb, lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Cut down on sugar which is an inflammatory agent. When you do have sugar, make sure it follows a protein and a healthy fat– like olive oil –to stabilize blood sugar.
* To quickly rid your body of toxins drink water and eat fiber.
* Get rid of the toxins in your head and release the resentment. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.

By Debbie Mandel,


Dale Overall

Being allergic to tree and grass pollens I just go outside anyway as one cannot live in a glass bubble and Nature is something that I enjoy along with my sixteen year old blind feline to whom I am also allergic...but will always have a cat in my life, along with the birch and maple trees lining my street and neighbourhood not to mention grass everywhere.

Not always possible to eat a balanced meal all the time but will try for most occasions and increase exercise now that weather is better for longer walks along the river.

Dale Overall

I did ask my dietician about whether or not eating fruit at the same time as other foods is valid-many believe that one should never eat fruit with other foods-she states that this is a myth about causing digestion problems. Some say it causes a toxic environment for digestion as well and many other nasty predictions have been attributed to combining fruit with other foods.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

to each their own

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

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Thank you for sharing.

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Masha Samoilova
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hope this helps, and also for everyone else

Ann F.
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Elle B.
Elle B6 years ago

Thank-you, agree with article. Having other severe conditions as some additional remedies were necessary to balance.
Good reads for getting balanced: Your Miracle Brain, Jean Carper; The UltraMind Solution, Mark Hyman, M.D.; Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Murray/Pizzorno, N.D. Consult professionals in Functional, Natural, Alternative Medicine.

Dana Mae
Dana Mae7 years ago

Some of that tips are truly working, i tried them also a few years ago. Of course they do not work in a short time, but if you continue, it gives a you a better quality of live and that means real a lot :-) Don't give up!