School Air Quality Survey for Students

Health and learning problems triggered by poor indoor air quality in schools can vary. It is vital that the student, backed up by a health care professional, work with the facility director in analyzing patterns that may provide clues to the link with indoor air pollution.

A diary or log of symptoms correlated with time and place may prove helpful. Following are some excerpts from the Healthy Schools Network’s survey. For the full questionnaire, with all 11 carefully researched and presented questions, see Shop for Green Guides, below.

School Air Quality Survey for Students

  1. Which school do you or your child attend?_______________

    ___Room numbers (s) or floors of classes

    ___How long attending this school?

  2. Air Quality Complaints: Yes_____ No_____

    ___Temperature too cold

    ___Temperature too hot

    ___Lack of air circulation

    ___Noticeable odors

    ___Disturbing noises

    Other (specify)__________

  3. Health Problems or symptoms:

    ___Aching Joints

    ___Discolored Skin


    ___Hearing Disturbances


    ___Skin irritation, itching




    ___Respiratory problems


    ___Chest tightness



    ___Back pain

    ___Problems with contact lenses


    ___Throat sore or dry

    ___Sinus congestion

    ___Dry, flaking skin

    ___Concentration Difficulties

    ___Eye irritation or burning

    ___Muscle twitching

    Other health problems or symptoms (Specify)____________

Excerpted from a School Air Quality Survey for Students, by Healthy Schools Network. Copyright (c) by Healthy Schools network. Reprinted by permission of Healthy Schools Network, Inc.
by Healthy Schools Network, Inc..


Roger K.
Roger K.6 years ago

Really informative post on explaining the Effects Of Air Pollution on human health.

Adam R.
Past Member 8 years ago

Wow great article. I should recommend this activities in every school. Rather say that parents should make aware of this indoor air pollution and relevantly bring awareness among their children's.

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