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Care2 Healthy Living | Sea World Attendance Continues to Plunge

Sea World Attendance Continues to Plunge

Thanks in large part to the eye-opening 2013 documentary Blackfish, the public seems to increasingly think that orca whales do not belong in giant swimming pools. Consequently, attendance continues to tank for the embattled sea park. According to Sea World‘s recent release of it‘s second quarter earnings last week, net income for the park plummetted from $37.8 million to $5.8 million, a whopping 85 percent drop. CEO Joel Manby blamed bad weather and “continued brand challenges” for the poor performance numbers. 

In light of the embarrassing report, Manby said Sea World has much work ahead to recapture historical performance levels: “We recognize that fully resolving our brand challenges in California will require sustained focus and commitment to correct misinformation.” 

“Continued brand challenges” as we all know is a sorry corporate euphemism for continued public discomfort over orcas in captivity.This issue has gained enough momentum that it is not going away and Mr. Manby should just address the inevitable truth—that more and more scientific evidence is accruing that shows it is cruel to keep giant mammals as smart, free-ranging and social as orcas in isolated swimming pools for entertainment purposes. Until the park finally addresses the issue honestly, makes plans to end its orca shows and transition the current orcas under their care into retirement sea pens (they likely can never be released at this point), Sea World‘s numbers are likely to continue to tank. It may take the firing of heel-digging Mr. Manby and the recruitment of someone with more vision to escort Sea World out of its current PR disaster, as clearly even their recent $10 million ad drive, led by Mr. Manby, has not been able to do. 

captive orca

In fact, not only has their multi-million dollar PR drive failed to drive up attendance, so has the generous offering of discounts and promotions belly-flopped. Personally, all of the sweet Sea World offers I saw while with my family in San Diego last month could never be sweet enough to entice me back to the park I loved as a child, as long as orcas still swim in what we know now to be inhumane conditions. Sadly, I had to explain to my two animal-loving daughters why we could not return to Sea World on this San Diego trip. Since our last visit in 2012, I had watched Blackfish and decided to add my voice and wallet to the boycott. My daughters are old enough now to understand the morality of the problem and agreed with me that boycotting their beloved sea park was now the right thing to do for the whales.


Christine J.
Christine J1 years ago

Change is always painful, and the wheels grind slowly, but I am confident we are moving in the right direction.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Ruhee B.
Ruhee B2 years ago

These animal prisons only exist because of the ignorant, selfish numbskulls who support them!

Teresa W.
Teresa W2 years ago

good news

Kathy M.
Kathy M2 years ago

I am glad that the education of the public is showing that they are not willing to stand by and watch as these great animals be mistreated. This shows me that if the general public is given the information they will make the right choices.

Barb Hansen
Ba H2 years ago

zoos in general are cruel enclosures for animals. i'm glad seaworld is failing

Melissa DogLover
Melissa DogLover2 years ago

can't say I feel too sorry for them

M.N. J.
M.N. J2 years ago

A 103-year-old Orca nicknamed Granny was recently spotted off Canada's western coast with her pod -- her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Bad news for SeaWorld. Further proof that they are liars.

Tetyana Doyun
Tetyana D2 years ago

Boycott any animal show.

Debbie Hartman
DEBORAH Hartman2 years ago

thanks for the info

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