Getting the Most Out of Seed and Plant Catalogs

You know the feeling. It’s the first of the year, the new seed and plant catalogs have arrived, and they are on your coffee table ready for your perusal. You sit down, pick one up, flip it open and wham, you are met with the most beautiful and lovely plants you’ve ever seen. But how are you going to get the full benefit of each catalog, and not be overwhelmed by the overabundance of choices and gorgeous color pictures?

Plus, is it realistic to feel you can actually grow this stuff? Of course it is, provided you get organized and have a plan.

Seed and plant catalogs will be arriving in a few weeks, so let’s take a look how to get the most out of them. Follow the steps and you will have the confidence you need to dive in, start trying new things, and add wonderful exciting new plants to your home, yard and garden.

Read about seed catalogs at the Weekend Gardener.

From the Weekend Gardener Web Magazine.


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As well as the things suggested in the Weekend Gardener, I'd also suggest that you check whether what you intend to plant is a hybrid ( which will not set useable seed .) It is worthwhile seeking out heritage varieties whichare often much tastier & better suited to your particular region.
It is also worth making sure that there are no quarantine issues; plant materials are restricted in many areas of the world.