Seeing Spiritual Messages

Once I spilled dyes all over the basement and a friend with a strong intuitive streak said, “Oh! what colors?” Blue, I answered. Without her prod, I never would have thought of the symbolism of blue, a dark indigo blue, and it’s symbol of intuition and the third eye. After that experience I’ve started paying attention to such “coincidences” and have learned a lot from them. Here are some nice insights about spiritual messages from Serenity: Simple Steps for Recovering Peace of Mind, Real Happiness, and Great Relationships, by Jane Nelsen.

Spiritual messages can be found in everything that happens to you. For example, on my walk one morning I was listening to some music on my small tape player. The earphones started to buzz. I wondered what the spiritual message could be, but it quickly became so obvious: Your mind is buzzing away all the time. Don’t let it interfere, just let it be and enjoy the music. You don’t have to make your thoughts go away, just don’t give them so much energy and other information will get through. An amazing thing happened. The buzzing in the earphones stopped. My buzzing thoughts didn’t stop. They never stop, but how nice to know that I don’t have to pay so much attention to them.

When we are open to spiritual messages, they can be found anytime we are willing to receive them. Let’s tackle a seemingly difficult situation. Suppose someone you love leaves you. What kind of spiritual message could there possibly be in that? Could it be that there is something better in store for you–perhaps a better relationship, or an occasion to learn how much you can enjoy being by yourself, or an opportunity to enjoy your friends. Could it be that your heart and soul know that it is not good for you to be with this person?

We have all heard stories about people who believed that being abandoned by their spouses was the worst thing that could happen to them. But after the passage of time, they came to see that their spouses’ leaving was the best thing that could have happened to them.

We can’t hear spiritual messages when we give more credibility to our egos and programmed beliefs than we do to our hearts. And that is OK. We are ready when we are ready. If you aren’t ready to see spiritual messages in so-called catastrophic events, start with less emotional events.

Suppose you are taking a walk and you come to a big hill. You are tired and think you can’t make it. Tune in to the message from the hill. The first question you may hear is, “Do you really want to climb this hill? Maybe it is time to turn around and go in another direction.” If you do want to climb the hill, you may get other messages, such as “Slow down. What’s the hurry? Take time to rest. Go one step at a time. Pause and look at the beautiful scenery all around you.” Another message could be that the difficult climb will strengthen your muscles and help you become more fit. Then comes the fun part. Focus on a life problem you think you are having. See if any of the messages you received would be helpful.

Quieting your mind and ego creates openness to many unusual and joyful possibilities.

Many of us who seek quiet use the ego of our thought system to defeat ourselves in many ways. Four ways to consider are expectations, self-defeating judgments, lack of awareness, and not seeing the gift in all things.

Adapted from Serenity: Simple Steps for Recovering Peace of Mind, Real Happiness, and Great Relationships, by Jane Nelsen (Conari Press, 2008).


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Thank you. It's really all about keeping oneself open to the energy in the universe and stopping to smell the roses once in a while.

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Thank you thank you for this amazing article. This few days I was in a weird and normal moment after watch the movie "Bed Time Stories".
Before the movie, I have ao many question but now I have non. I not sure why but some how all my question is answer from the movie.
It is sure no coincidence for me to read you article because you given me the answer to my weird and normal feeling.
I now know that at that very moment I open to my spiritual messages and know what to do.
Thank you Thank you

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Thank you for this article. The "message" is, indeed, there but we have to receive it.

I had a visit dream with my dad. Dad passed on in 1994. I was wrestling with a mechanical dilemma. In the dream, I put the pieces on the kitchen table. Dad picked up one of the pushrods and said, "These are like soda straws." A few days later, hubby and I discovered that the problem was a bent pushrod, and that to an old-school mechanic like my dad, a hollow pushrod would be like a...soda straw! We took dad's advice and replaced the parts with a better grade.