Sensual Massage Moves to Make Your Partner Melt

Sight, hearing, taste, and smell each have their own small body part where the sensory magic happensóbut not touch. Touch happens all over.

A kiss on the neck. A finger tracing circles on the small of your back. A tongue making its way up your inner thigh. Nerves interpret these moves as sensual bliss and the next thing you know you’re turned on and ready to go at it. Here’s how to make that happen with a few sensual massage techniques.

1. Start with the head. Have your partner lie down with their head on a pillow. Rub their temples and forehead, take time to massage their entire scalp with your fingertips, then gently kiss their ears. This begins to relax the whole body and ease stress. Bonus: Ears are a sensitive erogenous zone. Pay attention to them when you want to give someone pleasure chills.

2. Shoulders and back. Get out†the massage oil. With your partner face downóand nakedówarm oil or lotion in your hands then apply it to their upper body.†Use long strokes on the back and take your time kneading the shoulders. Ask if the pressure is okay and adjust as needed. Bonus: Eventually make your way down to the buttocks. We carry stress there too, so massage the glutes before you flip them over for more.

3. Chest. The trick here is to build up slowly and†end with the nipples. Here are some techniques for working on†the male chest and here are some†for massaging breasts. Bonus: Apparently 24% of women can orgasm just from nipple stimulation. Double Bonus:†Breast massage may help prevent cancer.

4. Feet. Apply oil or lotion here too, hold the foot with both hands, and use your thumbs to rub the sole without tickling them. Tiny circles are a good technique.†Don’t forget the top of the foot too. Bonus: Sliding a finger back and forth between each toe can be quite the erotic sensation.

5. Everywhere. Anywhere. Don’t be shy about letting your hands wander. Nothing is off limits and everyone is unique, so explore and have fun finding out what your partner likes. Bonus: The book†Red Hot Touch can take sensual massage to new, orgasmic heights.

Think you can’t give a good massage? Erika Wright, a massage therapist at†Element Bodywork in San Francisco says, “It’s as easy as you allow it to be. Touch is so delightful and when done with loving intention, there’s no wrong way. Touch your partner the way you’d like to be touched. Be willing to put all of your focus and feeling into what you are doing. That is so much more powerful than ‘technique’ or ‘skill.’ They will be able to feel the love.”

One more thing: Consider this highly effective foreplay and†have your birth control covered beforehand. You’re gonna need it.

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Jordan G.
Jordan G2 years ago

Uh, thanks for info from when I was 13. Still works but seriously old news.

Patience, respect, being interested in your partner's feelings and pleasure ... focusing on them until they can't take it any more ...
let's get to the advanced course, shall we?

At least we get 20 points out of this one.

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Thanks for post!!

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Thank You for sharing. =)

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I want one now

Roberto M.
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it is a very interesting article, I'd like to try it with my wife, I think after many year of being married we need a sensual bliss.
Thank you very much for sharing.

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