7 Animals Parallel the 7 Chakras

The seven Spirit Animal teachings of the Native American first Wheel of Life parallel the Hindu chakra wisdom. Since the wisdom is universal, these same teachings appear in diverse cultures throughout the world and in all times, in different ways.

The teachings help us identify those cycles that we have completed and point us in the direction to complete the ones we still need to work on to give our lives new direction and meaning.

Find out how the seven Spirit Animals match each chakra of the seven Hindu chakra system, here:

Crown Chakra: Eagle
The eagle has the ability to see the big picture, the balance between Earth beings and spirit; awareness of how our journey on Earth is not separate from our spiritual identity.

Brow Chakra: Mountain Lion
Quest for wisdom (tracking); the mountain lion has the ability to differentiate between human knowledge and universal truth. The mountain lion shows openness to the lessons of true elders, recognizing forces and truths that govern our lives and all others.

Throat Chakra: Personal Power Animal
Finding your own voice: discovering how to best use your personal gifts; learning to distinguish between self-power, power over others, or othersí power over you. Honoring your gift with courage.

Heart Chakra: Wolf
Development of ability to love and care for others; community awareness and awareness of relationship; joy in nurturing and supporting others, and receiving the same for yourself to achieve all of the above.

Third Chakra/Solar Plexus: Bear
The bear symbolizes self-knowledge and growth; standing in your own power; transition and change through the power of introspection; recognizing the limits of human knowing, power of humanity and forgiveness.

Second Chakra/Hara Center: Badger
The badger represents recognition of individual needs, care of self as separate physical entity. The power and vulnerability of the Life Force manifest within us, acknowledging its sacredness; healing energy for self and others.

First Chakra: Mole
The mole represents our learning to respect our dependence on the alchemy of the Earth. This chakra represents our first awareness of physical form, relationship to Earth, honoring the Source, respecting the alchemy of the soil that supports all life.

Adapted from Spirit Animals and the Wheel of Life by Hal Zina Bennett (Hampton Roads Publishing, 2000). Copyright (c) 2000 by Hal Zina Bennett. Reprinted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing.
Adapted from Spirit Animals and the Wheel of Life by Hal Zina Bennett (Hampton Roads Publishing, 2000).


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When you link wildlife with Hinduism or Native American religions, all you're doing is giving more encouragement to the fundamentalist Christians who love to hunt. Now they can have even more fun killing, because these animals are symbols of "satanic" beliefs.

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