7 Levels To God

Your brain is hardwired to find God. Until you do, you will not know who you are. Life looks meaningless when you have worn out old responses, old realities and an old version of God. To bring God back, we have to follow new, even strange responses wherever they lead us. As one spiritual teacher wisely put it, “The material world is infinite, but it is a boring infinity. The really interesting infinity lies beyond.”

God is another name for infinite intelligence. To achieve anything in life, a piece of this intelligence must be contacted and used. In other words, God is always there for you.

Where are you in your connection to God?

Level 1 (Fight-or-Flight Response)
You fulfill your life through family, community, a sense of belonging and material comforts.

Level 2 (Reactive Response)
You fulfill your life through success, power, influence, status and other ego satisfactions.

Level 3 (Restful Awareness Response)
You fulfill your life through peace, centeredness, self-acceptance and inner silence.

Level 4 (Intuitive Response)
You fulfill your life through insight, empathy, tolerance and forgiveness.

Level 5 (Creative Response)
You fulfill your life through inspiration, expanded creativity in art or science and unlimited discovery.

Level 6 (Visionary Response)
You fulfill your life through reverence, compassion, devoted service and universal love.

Level 7 (Sacred Response)
You fulfill your life through wholeness and unity with the divine.

Adapted from How to Know God by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).


Magdalena J.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you!

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

worth contemplating

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

Pearl D., like you I am a seeker. I have been a seeker since I was 3 years old and asked Mom to read that black book on the shelf she called a Bible, "Please, read it to me." I have studied most religions. It's been wonderful!!!

I loved your comment. Going to send you a green star.

Once, my Higher Power told me, "Anyone who sincerely calls upon their Creator, no matter by what name, is acceptable to me."

I asked, "What do you want me to call you?"

He said, "What do YOU want to call me?"

I said, "Spirit"?

He said, "That's ok."

I usually call him Lord Kal or Yah.

It's ok by him.


Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

Ought oh......my comment didn't finish so here's the rest..

He wants to be known as he is: JUST (karma), MERCIFUL but also with strictness. "Don't go in that street. You'll get hit by a car." WISE (Proverbs), LOVING "Call upon me and I will answer." Are we listening?

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

Marianne, I think Jane has a relationship with God. Right now it's an angry relationship. She's been hurt probably by Christians.

She sure is active in her attention to God. She certainly has emotion toward God.

How can you be that angry at someone in whom you do not believe?

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much, as Shakesphere said.

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

I fulfill my life through an active, listening, sharing relationship with my God. I know that I am blessed through my life long search, yay, even demand to know Creator the way he really is, not what the religious people say.

I have found that God is more eager to communicate with me than I am to communicate with Him. The God of the Bible told us, "I do good and I do evil." Check your concordance. He is not an angry dictator nor is he a smiling all knowing someone in the sky too high up to bother with us. Thing is, we're too busy to bother with him!

Scripture tells us Yah cried tears over Israel. Try Isaiah and Jeremiah. God has pain. God gets angry, When he's rejected he hurts. I think the CEO is learning, just as we are. Yep, the Bible says God never changes. True. He's still God, Big Boss. It's lonely at the top. But if you ignore the religionists and check scripture you'll find He often changes his mind. That's what prayer is for...go knock on his door. But take a bath first! God has deep emotions. Go out, into nature, his creation. He's an artist. You can learn about an artist through his work. Yes, I know. He has allowed man to mess up his Scriptures. Sigh.....but if you are able to really read what's there...........his love still comes through.

Amen does not mean "Bye, I'm outta here." For me, Amen means, "My Beloved, I love you. I'm concerned about YOU Talk to me." And he does! Try listening.

He wants to be known as he is: JUST (karma), MERCIFUL b

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

tough subject
tough audience

unattainable subject actually --- for god is not intellectually 'reachable'
therefore -> all the 'hullabaloo'

it's all within * so to speak - as a personal experience,...
and not an intellectual "thing"

so this banter will continue
for Deepak's tips are only 'TIPS'

it's not a contest for "who knows it all"

we're all here to learn
(without being criticized and insulted)

I do enjoy reading the comments to Deepak's tips!!!

Marianne Barto
Marianne B5 years ago

Many thanks to Sandy L. for her comment. I hope Jane reads it.

Margarita G.
Margarita G5 years ago

God is always there waiting for us to decide to hold his hand again...

Miranda Parkinson

Wonderfully put, Pearl D. That way we are free and especially free from fear,which religion instills. Fear which imprisons and limits us.