Sewing On A Budget: DIY Scarf To Skirt Surprise

Sewing is a hobby with a budget-friendly heart. Making your own clothes or home décor often can be cost effective. But, those who frequent sewing stores know that sewing supplies and fabric can still be quite expensive. That is why it is a good idea to consider repurposing fabric and altering clothing items that you already have.


I have a lot of scarves. I mean, a whole bin of those patterned “Pashmima” scarves. It seems that almost every street corner in NYC has a vender selling cheap, intricate patterned scarves. These were a go-to gift for, and from me this past holiday season. In the Chinatown section, these scarves can be found in piles in storefront windows for 3 dollars!

So, what is pashmina? Wise Geek says, “Pashmina is usually made with wool from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat.” Pure pashmina scarves can be very rough so they are put through a softening process to give the scarf a soft, almost silken quality. Sometimes these scarves claim to be cashmere. But, pashmina is generally not of the same high quality.


Most of the pashmina found in stores (and on street corners) is actually a blend of pure pashmina wool and silk. The silk adds strength and durability to the pashmina, which is otherwise too light to withstand wear. There are lots of blends also. The higher the content of pashmina wool, the more expensive the textile.


What to do with a scarf you may not use? Repurpose it into a skirt!


Second Runway’s, Lisa Venne shows you how to turn last year’s scarves into a cute skirt with very little sewing below. Second Runway is an eco-friendly fashion show to benefit Goodwill/Easter Seals.


Don’t have any used scarves? Head over to Goodwill or your local thrift shop. At the end of the winter, my local thrift shop has boxes and boxes of scarves. Many of them are these colorful and brightly patterned pashmina-type.


DIY Scarf To Skirt Surprise


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This a a seriously cute idea, I hope I can find a scarf big enough to be approprate for my age which is not 20 something. But perhaps I could add the belt and some lining in another fabric that matches one of the major colors.

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