Shadow of Evil

Even though your impulses may never cross the line into violence, ordinary impulses intensify in the shadow, where you can’t see them. Whenever you hear yourself sounding resentful or angry without provocation, whenever you find yourself on the verge of tears for no reason, whenever you cannot explain why you suddenly made a rash decision, you are actually feeling the effects of energy covertly building up in the shadow.

The shadow has grown used to being repressed; therefore, to access this region of the mind doesn’t happen easily. Nor is direct assault effective. The shadow knows how to resist; it can slam the door and hide its dark energy even deeper.

People assume that the dark side of human nature has unstoppable power; Satan has been elevated into the equivalent of a negative God. But when it is broken down, evil turns out to be a distorted response to everyday situations.

Evil is born in the gap between body and mind. There is no powerful ruler of the kingdom of evil. Satan started out as a moment of sensory input that got wildly out of hand.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thank you for sharing it!

KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Zee Kallah
.6 years ago

According to this Scorpio Sun's astrology chart, one of my major purposes in this life is to come to understand evil. I think I do.

Evil is the desperate attempt to protect oneself from pain that is internal and you want to make it external.

In the myth that Satan was expelled from heaven (though he keeps checking in as with Job and keeps getting audience with Yah). Satan was a freedom fighter. And now he can, under supervision, rule in hell. He lost. He hurts or should I say She. Check the Witches Bible.

LORD Kal, who created these worlds, was rejected by his father, Sat Parush, and, it is said, he will never be allowed to return to the god worlds. That hurts.

A psychiatrist did a study of serial killers and then of the executioners. All had had nightmare childhoods.

Evil is Live spelled backwards.

J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

gives new meaning for when people say they cannot control their impulses.......

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago intergrated shadow is at rest..a recognised and understood shadow that began in our two' spanked deeper into us by four...and reviled by most if and when it dared to show its face beyond the age of ten..The rage supressed can be a useful tool when properly managed in times of need....x...may all our shadows rest in peace...x

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga6 years ago

satan doesnt exist, it is redicules to blame satan on what are the actions of evil humans. wrongdoers should take responsibility for their actions

Dot Alexander
Dot A6 years ago


Between the highly read intellectuals and the causual disgrunted visitors who read these, it's impossible for Deepak to hit the 'note' just right. If these blogs are beneath you, or if these blog are insults to your intelligence, or even if they are in any way offensive, then I am perplexed as to the motivation to spend time on this non-productive page. However, if reading a fraction of a book written by Deepak can inspire a positive thought, and strike the reader to comment for greater good purposes, then - where's the loss?

If someone is reading these pages for college credit on any subject - then obviously, failure will be inevitable. It's just an open forum of thought,...

Deepak's pages are usually intended for the better of these thoughts. (can't remember any pages where he intended negativity,...)

heather g.
heather g6 years ago

I regularly have one particular evil-sounding thought. It is an over-powering thought when I have my peace disturbed by loud noise. Tonight is a perfect example with yet another evening of loud crackers being exploded to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, I can imagine the scared little birds and pets who are being frightened by the noise.
My evil thought is that I'd like a wizard to hand me a sparkling wand. When anything really loud bothers me I would gently wave it and the noise would disappear.... Poof ! Just go up in smoke .... and disappear forever...

myra d.
myra d6 years ago


Zee Kallah
Past Member 6 years ago

Deepak Chopra said:
Satan started out as a moment of sensory input that got wildly out of hand.

You sure got that right!