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As Earth Day approaches, many environmentalists are using the momentum to spread awareness about their eco-living passions. If you find yourself promoting earth-related content, you may want to take note of a contest by The social networking site is rewarding the best curation of green-minded content with cash prizes and a new iPad., a site that launched late last year, is a place where people can “snip” and share articles they care about. It feels like a virtual scrapbook (others have described it as a “Pinterest for articles”), with content spanning a wide range of topics. The site has attracted many eco-minded people, which spurred the launch of their Earth Day contest.

To enter’s Earth Day contest,submit a portfolio, and fill it with content related to an environmental issue you care about (include videos, images and/or articles). On Earth Day, the portfolios will be evaluated by a panel of judges (including Care2 founder Randy Paynter!) based on their depth of content, originality of thought, and votes (Facebook likes).

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for sharing articles you are passionate about?

First place winner receives a new iPad and $200 to the environmental nonprofit of choice. Second and third place winners receive cash prizes and a donation to their environmental nonprofit of choice. Submissions are due 5pm EST on April 20th, so start snipping!



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