Simple Prescription for Good Health

This prescription couldn’t be much simpler, but there is real science behind its age-old body-mind-spirit wisdom for maintaining good health. Find out how to stay healthy the simple way.

Don’t worry, be happy, feel good.

When you “don’t worry,” your adrenal glands don’t secrete stress hormones, such as cortisone, which suppress immune response and enervate the nervous system with hypertension.

When you “be happy,” your brain secrets neuropeptides, the “happy hormones” that communicate directly with the glands of the endocrine system and signal them to “turn on the juice” of healing responses and other immune factors.

The invariable result of this biofeedback between the neuropathies produced by a happy mind and the healing hormones required for a healthy body is that you “feel good” in both in body and in mind. This balances state of health and happiness is sustained by specific neuropathways and endocrine channels through which these secretions communicate in every part of the body.

Adapted from The Tao of Detox, by Daniel Reid (Inner Traditions, 2006). Copyright (C) 2006 by Daniel Reid. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Tao of Detox, by Daniel Reid (Inner Traditions, 2006).


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