6 Key Elements to a Good Life

Dr. Judith Wright shares the surprising formula she has uncovered for living a good life.

For a long time, I thought the formula for a good life was setting and meeting goals, achieving, being good, being nice, being perfect, hiding vulnerability and weakness and not making mistakes.

What I’ve learned from my life experience and from my research with people who live great lives is that a good life is just the opposite-and these six key elements are key:

YEARN–Life isn’t about getting what you want or meeting your goals; it’s about following your deeper yearning.
I was good at meeting goals–being a good student, succeeding at my career, losing weight–but meeting goals didn’t make me satisfied and happy. It was only when I learned to guide my life by the yearnings underneath my goal-chasing–to love and be loved; be seen, heard, known, touch and be touched; to matter; to make a difference–that I was fulfilled. Rather than waiting to achieve a goal, I could meet my yearnings in the moment–and ironically, I accomplished more goals!

ENGAGE-Be messy. Get hurt. Make mistakes. Be embarrassed. Risk. Be made fun of. Be in the moment, be spontaneous, live unedited.
As a recovering uptight person, I can tell you life is more fun when you live it full out. Being good, being right, looking cool, and not making mistakes aren’t the secrets to happiness. Life is a playground– play hard and be willing to get hurt, screw up, be out there, and have fun.

REVELATE–Look for your “BS”–your bulls#*t and your faulty Belief Systems. Wake up and live consciously.
We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from fulfilling our potential and rationalizations, excuses, and indulgences in soft addictions that dim our consciousness and keep us stuck. (My culprits: my mistaken belief of I have to be perfect to be loved and my (former!) soft addictions of overshopping, watching TV, and poring over catalogs.) …Visit InspireMeToday.com for the other 3 key elements!

Dr. Judith is a Professor of Transformational Psychology at the Wright Graduate Institute as well as a lifestyles expert and inspirational speaker.

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Emma S.
Emma S4 years ago

Thank you - lots of good sense here!

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

Making mistakes ! I heard myself putting up a block in a recent conversation and it hit me like a bolt. It made me rethink how I live my life and the reasons I do or don't do certain activities. Ummm .... but he was so nice to talk to, no wonder I became slightly flustered.

Genoveva M.
Genoveva M4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

sandra j.
sandra j4 years ago

LIVE unplugged

Jess No Fwd Plz K.
Jessica K4 years ago

Take time to learn what the yearnings are, and be honest about what they mean to you (at least to yourself).

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