Cute Animals, Coffee and Clutter – Weekly Highlights

It’s that time again — time to gear up for the weekend and take a look back at some of the great content from the week. We’ve had quite a variety of topics this week, from potential hazards in common items to great ways to take care of yourself. And, of course, some cute animal videos. Check it out:

11 Hidden Household Dangers
Number one: your kitchen sponge

Hidden Chemicals in Popular Perfumes
Could your favorite fragrance be affecting your health?

BPA Found on Cash Register Receipts
This chemical has been linked to yet another common item. Get tips on how to avoid it.

Why Have Peanut Allergies Tripled in a Decade
Why have PB&Js gone from a kid standard to a questionable choice?

Kill Wild Animals to Feed the Homeless?
One group is serving wild game at homeless shelters. What do you think?

3 Things You Can Do to Simplify Life with Chronic Illness
This tips will add a little more zen to anyone’s life.

SARK: Miracles, Fear and Living a Juicy Life
Check out our latest inspiring interview from our Celebrate Your Life series.

Radical Self-Care: 30 Day Challenge
Make a pledge to take care of the most important person in your life: You.

12 Tips to End Clutter
Overwhelmed with clutter? Try these easy tips to get organized.

8 Reasons to Drink Coffee and 9 Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily
Find out why two of our favorite drinks are so great.

Giveaway Saturdays
Last Saturday we mentioned a great new book – The Conscious Kitchen — and offered the chance to win a copy. It’s not too late to enter! And check back tomorrow for a new book and a new giveaway.

Cute Videos
If you could use a smile (and who couldn’t?), check out these videos:
Clever Little Penguin
Baby Sloths!

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for more great stories brought to you by the Healthy and Green Living team!


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