Smart Paper Use

Whatever happened to the paperless office? That’s a good question. With the wonder of today’s technology, we have the capacity to contain whole filing cabinets of information on just one CD-ROM.

Look at what the following can hold:

1. One floppy disk: 750 sheets, about a five-inch stack of typed pages;

2. 100Mb hard disk: contents of a four-drawer filing cabinet, and

3. CD-ROM: entire roomful of paper.

Saving paper can mean fewer file cabinets, which can reduce your office space needs dramatically. It’s estimated to cost over $2,000 each year to maintain a filing cabinet and about $25,000 to fill it. These costs include the labor and paper costs. One estimate even states that about 3 percent of your filing cabinet documents will become misplaced, and it will cost about $120 in labor to find each one. On the other hand, storing files on disk or CD-ROM is much less expensive in human time and in storage space.

While relying less on paper has many advantages, be aware of possible disadvantages:

* Your office may use more energy if computers, faxes, or other equipment are left on longer with higher demand.

* Increased health risks can arise due to eye strain, low-frequency radiation, carpal tunnel syndrome, nonergonomic workstations, etc.

Adapted from The Smart Office, by A.K.Townsend.Copyright (c) 1997 by A.K.Townsend .Reprinted by permission of Chelsea Green Publishing Company.
Adapted from The Smart Office, by A.K.Townsend.


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The amount of paper and energy waste is phenomenal and so easily avoided. If interested, you can download and read an article I wrote about this in a children's magazine: