Winners: Bike Sharing & Ocean Health has announced the winners for its2012 Earth Day challenge. The social networking site designed the contest to reward the best curation of green-minded content.Congratulations to the following three winners!

1st place winner -Bike Sharing – Putting together his two loves of urbanism and biking,Eric Ouellette created the winning portfolio all on the topic of bike sharing. Analyzing the industry from a consumer and business perspective, Eric shows why bike sharing is great for convenience, tourism, the environment, and entertainment!

2nd place winner – Ocean Health: Great Pacific Garbage Patch – Steven Rahman explores a world of water and trash in his portfolio on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The collection of articles and videos break down the mystery of the “plastic soup” island and explain why we need to care about this place and curb our plastic dependence. Not only is this plastic island a threat to sea life, but also to our food chain and our health.

3rd place winner – Teach Your Children Well – Corrie Clearwater tackles the future of the environmental movement by focusing on education for children. Including a variety of videos, games, and green parenting tips, Corrie’s winning portfolio is a helpful and comprehensive tool for any green-minded educator or parent.

Visit the Earth Day homepage to see all the 2012 submissions, and check back for future contests and contentrecommendations.



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Good for the winners and thnks for the info Megan.

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Well done winners! Thanks for letting us know.

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