Solar Panels Could Be Cheaper Than TVs

In the last several years solar panel prices have dropped dramatically, but currently they still are too expensive for most people, unless there are plenty of tax incentives and rebates which make it more affordable. The government incentives are a little complicated and require consumers to do research – work that is likely perceived as an added inconvenience to the high cost. If it turns out there are plenty of incentives, the true cost might be quite a bit less than is expected.

An executive at DuPont has publicly said solar panel prices could cost less than TVs simply because they are less complex, and therefore easier to produce. Consumers already are using solar panels on their homes and some are even charging electric vehicles with them.

A couple living north of Seattle in a very small town called Carlsborg recently purchased a Nissan Leaf. Since they already had a home solar power system to charge the all-electric Leaf, they don’t pay for it in a monthly bill. They are putting electricity back into the grid system to the utility company, so they are actually getting paid and say they make eight dollars every time they drive 100 miles.

Another couple in Sausalito, California is doing the same thing. These people are early adopters and their love of nature and interest in technology has moved them ahead of mainstream society. Their enthusiasm is helping bring costs down because they pay into the system at the beginning and set the example of how such home solar systems can work. As more and more people begin to invest in solar power, rather than paying conventional utility companies, the solar panel market will gradually expand and costs for other consumers should decrease.

If you want to help speed up the shift towards solar power, do online research into the incentives available on federal, state, city and county levels. This extra awareness will probably make you a better consumer, and it might turn out solar power is more affordable than expected. Once a home solar system is paid off, it can make very inexpensive energy for years.

Image Credit: Jeremy Levine Design / Creative Commons

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Warren Webber
Warren Webber3 years ago

Cheaper than TVs? Good! They're FAR more useful than a TV!

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

thanks for sharing

Adam K.
Douglas K5 years ago

My solar recharger for my cell phone works like a dream, far superior to any recharger I've ever used and has not yet needed to be recharged again by the sun itself after leaving it out in the sun for 3-4 days only one time! And it costs nothing to operate after the unit is purchased. Now if only I can get the same type of recharger for higher electrical-use electronics like NiMH AA AAA C and D batteries, laptops and Automotive GPS devices.
Drawbacks for my solar recharger: directions are impossible to read and understand, and also the alternative (nonsolar) recharging of the unit by AC and DC don't work. But solar works like a dream.

tina G.
tina Gardner5 years ago

exactly berny...if every home and business had solar we wouldnt have to destroy our planet with oil drilling and fracking....when are the republican puppets going to finally realized that...VOTE DEMOCRAT in November !!

Kimberly McMahen
Kimberly McMahen5 years ago

Wonderful! When I can afford to do so, my home will have solar and wind power. Why can't the "powers that be" grasp this idea? Oh yeah, their buddies in big oil and big business.

Sharon P.
Sharon P5 years ago

Solar panels are on my wish list!

Lori M.
Lori Montgomery5 years ago


Mara C.
Past Member 5 years ago

I can't wait 'til they become more affordable!

Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi5 years ago

I can imagine how the world is quiet and clean if solar could utilize all over the world with cheaper prices.Thanks for this post.cheers

Egore Rosbock III

Ron B. Well said!