Soul as the Origin of Consciousness

The soul has its own music that can only be hinted at through words. I am not speaking of religious epiphanies, though they are very real. In most peopleís lives the growth of consciousness doesnít move by epiphany. Someone might have a breakthrough or a turning point that feels as if he or she were directly touched by spirit. But for the most part consciousness grows and deepens by degrees.

What science canít explain, it doesnít see. This includes beauty, devotion, faith, inspiration, nobility, compassion, empathy, fate, intuition, and love itself. Are we really claiming these as fictions or illusions? In fact, they make life worth living.

I venture to argue that the view Iíve just outlined–that the soul is the origin of consciousness–appears in every spiritual tradition. The fact that it is distorted in popular religion and dismissed by science is a matter of politics, not a matter of proof. Religious thinkers are forced to pretend that their area of ignorance is trivial, and so must the scientific side.

Yet the areas of ignorance are quite large on both sides. Religious people refuse to look deeply into consciousness for fear that somebody will convince them that all their faith in unseen things is superstition, or worse. The scientific side refuses to admit their ignorance about the existence of a non-material reality for fear that they will be led into irrational, wooly thinking.

The way of peace aims for the very heart of reality. No one is entitled to a fixed opinion about the outcome, because each journey is unique. Everything is shaped to who you are. Yet the journey is also universal.


Adapted from: Peace is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).


Dot A.
Dot A4 years ago

As a 2 or 3 year old girl, living with 'the baby sitter family', there were a few sunny days when they would let me dig in the dirt, (or maybe I wasn't suppose to that, but, that's what I remember doing,...Lol) and while scooping up the muddy lawn, - I'd come upon these little squiggly things, called 'worms.' I was amazed! I adored these long curling creatures and thought that whatever was inside of them that caused them to move and wiggle was wonderful!!! They brought me joy! When I was around 5 years old, my mom had married and left me alone in the backyard with no one to play with, and I felt terribly terribly sad. The hope that I had when mom married was that my life would change and things would be happy. But, mostly, mom just ignored me, and was critical if she gave me any attention. So, one day I'm just sitting with my sad heart, and a city pigeon on the apartment porch started to coo. The sound of the cooing captured my saddened heart, and comforted my loneliness. I remember those days like yesterday and I am now nearly 65. When I paint something, I try my best to tap into those clarifying moments of 'love' beaming to me from every point in the galaxy. While life on this planet remains difficult, it is in those moments with 'our soul of consciousness' that lift us over the hurdles,...

Bryna Pizzo
Bryna Pizzo4 years ago

Thank you! I love the statement, "What science can't explain, it doesn't see."

Bmr Reddy
Ramu Reddy4 years ago

Thanks for the article

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D4 years ago

There is no soul, there is a phenomenally complex brain that experiences an awareness of a self and its surroundings that we call a consciousness. Read a book called "The Spark of Life," about electricity in the human body, with which the brain is intricately connected, which the brain animates. It is written by a professor of physiology at Oxford, I think her last name is Ashford.
Consciousness, sentience, which has been found in many other mammals, probably developed from evolutionary processes regarding social living and the survival benefits to a species able to communicate from an "I" to one or more of those "other(s)" in our group.
Deepak Chopra is intimately connected to selling books!

Jack Grabon
Jack Grabon5 years ago

I agree that the soul, spirit or self is at the base of who we are. However, this can't be found out through speculation, faith, reading lots of books, being taught by a master, etc. Like the matrix, one has to see things for him or herself. Nobody can be told. If you want "hard data" on this, then you have to be willing to engage in self-experimentation. Only this way can you truly know that you are not just a physical being. It will be self-evident. Science will eventually move in this direction.

Charlotte A.
Charlotte A5 years ago

Open up your heart and mind to search for your own soul.

Hanna Sjoberg

Thank you!

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra5 years ago

Where is the soul located in a human body?
A lot of people believe in Deepak's blatherings. To me he is like the snake oil salesman, ful of promises with his so called "deep" thinking formulas but it is just that, highly sophisticated brainwashing. Yes just like that circus operated said, "there's a fool born every minute". He is a highly educated "charlatan" who makes Millions of Dollars form a large portion of the gullible who listen to his high sounding but useless diatribes. There is no "soul", prove one exist, and all this other nonsense are the same as any "holy roller" fundamentalist evangelical preacher has been spouting for ages. Get with it people there are no simple solutions to complex matters.

Heather M
Heather Marv5 years ago

Thanks Deepak I enjoy your words of wisdom/knowledge. I cannot see the wind but I can see it move the trees. I cannot see the love my dog feels for me but I feel it everytime it licks my face or snuggles up to me, I am aware that it is there. I cannot see the minute bacteria that lives in the World but am assured that it exists under the microscope. I cannot see God but I see every beautiful thing that He has created and rejoice that it is so.