Spending Time Upside-Down has Some Incredible Benefits

It’s not unusual to be in a yoga class and hear the teacher announce that it’s time for an inversion. If you’ve rippled with fear at that word, you’re not alone. There’s not much that can take a human further out of their kinesthetic comfort zone than going upside-down, particularly if you don’t do it often.

It might be time to get over that fear. There are real benefits that come with inverting your body on a regular basis, whether you use an inversion table, try aerial yoga or just do a simple handstand against the wall.

Young woman making antigravity yoga exercises in a loft interior

Allow for decompression.

Gravity is a beast. It’s constantly pushing on us, from head to feet. If you use an inversion table, you can allow your spine the rare opportunity to decompress and lengthen with gravity.

Our spinal columns are constantly fighting against gravity (and as slouchers, we’re losing). By allowing the spine to decompress, it allows for spinal fluid to circulate and improves the health and flexibility of your vertebral column.

If you don’t have an inversion table, you could also have a friend or teacher lightly lift your ankles upward in handstand to achieve a similar sensation.

Acts as a stress release.

Going upside-down is actually a great way to encourage mindfulness—it really helps to slow down all those racing thoughts while increasing focus and awareness. It’s a little bit like forced meditation, actually. This is in part thanks to all the oxygen-rich blood rushing to your brain.

On that note…

Perfectly balanced

Boosts circulation.

There’s no easier way to get more blood to your brain than by going upside-down for a minute. It’s a great way to boost productivity and focus if you’re feeling stuck. Plus, turning yourself on your head also improves lymph flow, which boosts immune health!

That said, it can be extremely dangerous to hang out upside-down for too long, so definitely don’t trying to sleep bat-style. Everything in moderation.

May relieve back pain.

For some people, going upside-down (especially if it’s assisted—like draping yourself over the side of your bed) can offer a lot of relief from back pain. But, of course, this entirely depends on what is causing your back pain. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist before doing upside-down activities if you struggle with back problems or have any circulation issues.

Otherwise, going upside-down is free, easy and comes with rejuvenating benefits! Maybe it’s time to embrace inversions in your life. A little change of perspective never hurt anyone.

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