Spiritual Transformation

The choice is to be conscious or not, which brings us to the possibility for transformation. No one disputes the fact that life consists of change. But can a person, simply by altering his or her consciousness, actually bring about a deep transformation and not just another superficial change?

Transformation and change are two different things. The key to true transformation is that nature doesnít move forward in step-by-step movements. It takes quantum leaps all the time, and when it does, old ingredients arenít simply recombined.

Something new appears in creation for the first time, an emergent property. For example, if you examine hydrogen and oxygen, they are light, gaseous, invisible, and dry. It took a transformation for those two elements to combine and create water, and when that happened, an entirely new set of possibilities emerged with it, the most important from our point of view being life itself.

Your body, which is bonding millions of molecules every second, depends on transformation. Breathing and digestion, to mention just two processes, harness transformation.

Food and air aren’t just shuffled around, but, rather, undergo the exact chemical bonding needed to keep you alive. The sugar extracted from an orange travels to the brain and fuels a thought. The emergent property in this case is the newness of the thought: No molecules in the history of the universe ever combined to produce that result.

While still remaining who you are, you can bring about a quantum leap in your awareness, and the sign that the leap is real will be some emergent property you never experienced in the past.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


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Zee Kallah
.5 years ago

I've traveled most spiritual paths. I've even been in cults. From each spiritual group, I have learned much and gained valuable insights. I am grateful. Those that were deceptive often blessed me with the most valuable life-changing gifts.

I'm presently delighting in Jewish Kabbalah. It's great having many of my "original" ideas verified. I'm enjoying new ideas and methods of transformation.

Dreadful experiences have often given me much growth. I went through a horrific experience a few years ago but came out of it with so much treasure. My boss said, "Do you know what an inspiration you are!" I received both a raise and a promotion to supervisor.

The psalms declare, "Thou hast said, 'Seek thou my face.' I have said, Oh, LORD, thy face will I seek. Hide not thy face from me."

What a wonderful way to live. I have everything I need and want. If I want some extra money, it just comes. My health is right nigh perfect at almost 70. I have good relationships. I am blessed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Death holds no fears for me. When that door opens, I shall joyfully walk through. It's liberation from the mortal bonds. I am so glad I have sought the face of my God who continuously proves his reality to me and not to me alone but to those who are willing to accept our Creator.