Stop Tuning Yourself Out!

Life is a conversation with yourself. The most dangerous thing you can possibly do is ignore or silence your inner voice. Most of our so-called villains are simply people who do not hear what they are saying to themselves.

Weíve learned to drown ourselves out by numbing our emotions, forming addictions, and seeking gurus with cookie cutter, magical solutions.

To live the life you deserve, you must get to know who you really are. After all, you cannot nourish or care for anything unless you first know what it is.

Most of us have no idea how powerful, capable, and connected we are.

Every person who remembers, changes the world.

Weíre surrounded, in modern society, by messages of our own inadequacy. These messages arenít there simply to be cruel. They are there to sell us products. When we feel inadequate, we are ready to buy something to make us adequate.

And so, we search for healing and happiness as if they live outside of us. In the meantime, we are desperately trying to call for our own attention. Every headache, every pang of annoyance, and every craving is a message. We are desperately trying to tell ourselves something.

And yet, we only listen to people that we love and we ignore people that we donít trust.The thing that matters in life more than anything else is learning to trust your voice and love yourself unconditionally.

Most people these days are sitting in cages. The doors to these cages are wide open. And yet, they dare not leave. After all, there is food in the cage. There is certainty.

Certainty, Iíve found, is an addiction. Itís an illusion. Itís a lie. The only way to be completely secure, safe, and certain is to live in enclosed, repetitive cycles. It is to stay in the cage and run on the wheel….Continue reading at

Vironika Tugaleva is the author of The†Love Mindset, a speaker, people lover, reformed cynic, and a different kind of spiritual teacher.

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Deborah W5 years ago

Taking care of oneself doesn't have to be looked upon as selfishness. All are in need of private space, to wind down and reevaluate the day, before recharging and moving forward.

Since we're all parts of the one whole, only as strong as our weakest link, this seems to me a good plan, what do you think?

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Thank you :)

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Thanks, good article!

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Accept and value yourself before you can reach out to others in a meaningful way.

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Thank you.