6 Craziest World Records (Slideshow)


Sure, you have your tallest man and your world’s largest ball of twine. But it takes a special breed of person to attempt any of these death-defying stunts. Click through to check them out — if you can stomach it!


1. Highest Altitude Balloon Skywalk.

Think tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon is impressive? Please! Mike Howard set the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude skywalk, balancing on a metal beam placed between two hot air balloons, in 2004. How high was it? A whopping 21,400 feet, or 6,522 meters.

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2. Longest Full Body Ice Contact.

Wim Hof is no stranger to world records — he holds more than a dozen of them, from running a marathon in the notoriously brutal Namib desert without drinking water to swimming under a sheet of ice for over 200 feet (66 meters). But his craziest stunt is, perhaps, his record for the longest time spent in a full body ice bath, clocking it at 1 hour 52 minutes! Hof credits meditation with his remarkable success.

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3. Most Times Hit By a Car in 2 Minutes.

Don’t worry, Dietmar Loeffler is a professional stunt double — and he actually survived 8 car hits in 2 minutes.

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4. Smallest Waist.

American Cathie Jung wears a corset 24/7 — and she has the waistline to prove it. Without a corset, her waist measures just 21 inches, but with it on, that measurement goes all the way down to 15 inches. Incredibly, though, Jung only holds the record for smallest waist of a living person; the all-time record, held by the late Ethel Granger, was just 13 inches.

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5. Highest Pool Dive.

Some of us can hardly jump off the high dive at the pool. Oliver Favre, on the other hand, the world record holder for high diving, made it nearly 177 feet (54 meters) — about the height of a 15-story building. Favre barely made it out alive. He was not able to get out of the water on his own because he broke his back in the process.

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6. Longest Distance Pulled By a Horse While on Fire.

Let’s hope that there isn’t too much competition to beat Halapi Roland’s Guinness Record. The Hungarian was dragged 1,551 feet (472 meters) by a horse, while on fire!

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