Sugar Snap Peas 5 Ways

Sweet and succulent, sugar snap peas are the result of crossing English peas with snow peas and you eat them whole, pods and all–no waste, just tons of great springtime taste.

Sugar snaps are in season now and ready to enjoy in so many ways. Here are 5 delicious, easy ideas:

1. IN THE RAW with a dip of 1 cup plain yogurt, 1/3 cup crumbled feta, and 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black peppercorns.

2. IN SUCCOTASH, sautťed with freshly cut corn kernels (scrape the milk from the cob to make it creamy), scallions, and cherry tomatoes.

3. BLANCHED AND TOSSED with buttered egg noodles, parsley, and garlic.

4. ROASTED with olive oil and sea salt beneath the broiler until crisp-tender and lightly browned on the edges; drizzle with a few drops of toasted sesame oil before serving.

5. TOSSED WARM WITH FRESH PESTO and toasted pine nuts.

Adapted from Organic Style Magazine (Rodale Press, May 2004).


Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for this great article.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

I love sugar snap peas. I add them to my cooking alot.

Carole Lee
Carole Lee9 years ago

I did the roasted, didn't even bother with the sesame oil - YUM, and incredibly easy!

Patricia Bradshaw
Patricia Bradshaw10 years ago

Tried the pease with pesto and pine nuts, geat idea thank you