Summer Camp Chic: Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk

An idyllic retreat that evokes memories of summer camp, the recently renovated Ruschmeyer’s hotel, restaurant and bar in Montauk has become a popular destination. Located on three acres of lakeside woodland, guests have good reason to enjoy being both inside and outside the property: the team behind Fat Radish serves fresh, local food in the main restaurant, the interior decor exudes a midcentury vibe (the property was originally built in 1952), and the grand lawn serves as a setting for musical performances. Various outdoor activities are also planned for guests to enjoy the surrounding grandeur. To learn more, visit:

Above and below photos by Joe Termini for Ruschmeyer’s.

Above: Strung lights in trees create a magical atmosphere.

Above: A simple and inviting guest bedroom.

Above:Japanese fishing floats and a disco ball offer eclectic and fun detailing.

Above: An eco-friendly way to get around.

Check out Remodelista’s post Hotels, Lodgings and Restaurants: Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk to read more.


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interesting place,thanks

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Great read, inspiring, wish there were more places like it! Thank you!

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I agree with Tamara and Siusaidh. Even after giving Care2 the benefit of the doubt, and trying to justify it as a good example to the rest of the hospitality industry, I still only see an advertisement for a particular resort.

Maybe that's how Remodelista makes their magazine affordable, but reposting these "articles" here under the heading of "Healthy Living / Garden & Nature / Environment" is a bit of a stretch.

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Looks great--wouldn'tn mind speding a week there.

Jane H.
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Sounds like a great place! Wouldn't mind spending a week there.

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Nice but I'm a bit beyond bike riding....